Sunday, December 16, 2012

This and That

Pechalat and Bourzat skated to another National Championship. Their Rolling Stones medley continues  to receive mixed reviews. The energy dipped slightly compared to last week's Grand Prix Final. Getting amped up again after the Grand Prix Final had to be difficult, as there was never any question that they would win.

Rumor has it that Kaitlyn Weaver broke her ankle. Though this is not confirmed, we will have to keep our eyes and ears open for any developments, should this wind up being true. This could certainly shake up the dance world, as being absent is never an excuse for judges to pass you by. Already in a precarious situation falling in the rankings, missing the important end to the season could drop them definitely behind the two Russian teams, the Italians and possibly the Shibutanis.

In other news, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross went to Disneyland while their Olympic teammates performed in the Skating and Gymnastics "Spectacular." What is great is that while recovering from injury, Maroney's entire life revolves around taking a series of instagram photos and killing it every time. Though Tyra would surely accuse her of only having one face, the level of fierceness remains. It is abundantly clear that the rest of the people in her life are merely her props. And as they will surely tell you, being one of her props is better than being invisible. Well, they would say that if Kyla Ross actually spoke.

As expected, Kyla appears to be getting even taller. Her calling to be USAG's new 'it girl' is definitely more and more questionable with each additional centimeter.

Florent Amodio earned his second French Figure Skating Title despite a mess of a long program. With so much talent and charisma, it is difficult to watch his career to stall over the last two seasons. His triple axel remains a thing of beauty when he does it.

Mae Berenice Meite finished second behind Anais Ventard. The similarities to Surya Bonaly in terms of skating skills are simply uncanny.

Tomas Verner captured the Three National Title after Michal Brezina withdrew from the free skate. Verner beat Brezina in the short program.


Alex McMurtry scored a 10.05 at Christmas at the Chesapeake for her stuck DTY. With such talent, it is a shame that she has little interest in the elite world.

Flashback Interview with Courtney McCool about the American Cup and Olympic Test Event. Lord knows we are all waiting to see how she tells us the reasons why God had her bomb the Olympics and the inevitable drama that ensued with USAG. Could you imagine what a daily phone call with Courtney McCool would be like? I can only imagine what her cell phone is like.

Ellie Black is back in training after time off due to injury.


  1. Before going to Morosov, Amodio's programs were kind of goofy and tacky but he was lovable and a lot of fun to watch, now: his programs are still tacky but he has this grim, macho posturing thing going on that is just depressing when you remember how he used to be.

  2. I love Amodio's programs, he is just amazing. About Nath & Fab have to say that I'm their fan almost from hell, I prefer watching them than Marlie or Voir because of the creativity and modern movements. The Rolling Stones program could be not their best idea but the lifts and spins are there and Fabian looks like the most handsome guy around the world.
    P.S. The french girls are powerful but what the hell are they imitating Surya Bonaly? Maé Bérenice Meité is just one; Yretha Siléte is similar do, Léna Marrocco wants to follow the example, Leanelle Gilleron Gorry too.

  3. I don't understand why you mock someone for believing in God Then again you were the person that made fun of Shannon Miller when she had just announced she had cancer.

  4. He didn't make fun of Shannon, he was commenting on her confusing comments about what her cancer was, how sick she was and then immediately using it as a business opportunity. If you read his formspring, he doesn't have issues with believing in God. He doesn't think God cares who wins in gymnastics.

  5. I know Kaitlin Weaver's former partner from high school in the US, and he is a super insane but brilliant loon. Off topic, but possibly of interest. SO MANY ISSUES there. Also, he looooves anorexic girls. Obviously.