Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet The Bruins

What do we make of Val's long-awaited routines? How is Val's latest botox touch up? Is she looking glam enough for the season?

After a rough freshman year, I'm not convinced that Mattie will be a break out star, though we could see her in the floor lineup a tad more if she can manage a double tuck or pike this year. While she is clearly one of the team's more gifted dancers, I find this routine to be over ambitious to the point where it borders on 'sloppy hot mess' territory. For a girl who struggles with her tumbling, I have visions of Mattie falling on her head and backside as she rushes to get the bridge up when winded.

Will Danusia erase the visions of watching Zam dance?

Val's wet dream as an elite.  I do enjoy Val's new way of moving into the corner and staring into the crowd. We now hop on two feet to appear hip-hop friendly for our more urban-minded recruits. The stain of Ariana Berlin lives on. Ariana allowed Val to start thinking of herself as a modern hip hop dancer and the rest of us need to suffer for it.

I've never loved so much about a gymnast and dreaded them performing on floor so much. I adore how even she herself is continually embarrassed by her own floor routines.

"Best eyes in the NCAA." Someone got wise and started kissing Miss Val's ass this year.


  1. Idk, is anyone else worried about what some of these routines will look like performed in only a leo w/o the shorts?

  2. Is it just me, or do Val's routines always have a lot in common with each other within a year. There are clearly some themes that she is so enamored with that she just can't wait to try them on somebody.

    Also, whoa underroated dance series. They'll have to work on that if they want their start values.

  3. I dont get all the intentionally flexed feet. Unless we are doing Indian style dancing or that was her intent to bring the choreographic theme. I agree she gets stuck and this year its wierd modern. Interesting to see how it plays in the heart of the SEC with those judges. Especially in contrast to Florida where I thought the routines looked very well packaged.

  4. Although it is nice to see NCAA routines that don't look like they were choreographed in a strip club, UCLA always has way too much "flooreography"...writhing around on the mat is really not necessary in every routine. Also, ITA with anon 7:35 - those tour jete 1/1s are atrocious!

    1. Jennifer said: "Although it is nice to see NCAA routines that don't look like they were choreographed in a strip club,"


      After watching some of these routines, I'm not so sure they weren't choreographed in some avant-garde, New-Agey strip club.

      The two hot messes at the top remind me a little of Beyonce's "Deja Vu" video - Doing-Too-Much at its finest.

      Is this Val trying too hard to not go out like Lori Nichol? She is clearly fascinated with the flexibility of the biracials.

      Lloiminica Hall won't be the only over-the-top diva in NCAA this year.

  5. Oh good lord. I had to watch these without sound and they look especially ridiculous without the music. There is a little too many stripper-esque moves on the floor for my taste.

  6. Did Zam really do the worm on her back or am I mistaken?

  7. Zam is dreadful to watch on floor, just God awful!

  8. Danusia, there is no need to draw attention to your matted, damaged locks at the beginning of your routine. They photographed that shit on the space station.

  9. Every one of them had some sort of pose down on the mat, where they held it for several seconds...interesting.

    These are better than what turned me off of NCAA routines..lI SWEAR a few years ago I heard Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On" in SO MANY routines.
    Something that probably pleased Elliot...but made me turn it off.