Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prayers For Kayla

As many of you may know, one of our favorites, feisty Kayla Nowak fell while practicing on the Uneven Bars on Tuesday and suffered broken back. Nowak suffered a fractured T12 and her T11 slipped forward. Rushed into emergency surgery, doctors attached bone from the back of her pelvis and fused it to the two vertebrae, holding it together with four screws. The Boomer Sooner senior's spirits have been remarkably high and she already began walking today with the aid of a walker after being fitted for a brace. Kayla actually wished to walk yesterday, but they had to wait on the brace.

Her family, friends, teammates and boyfriend (hottie Jake Dalton) have been a nonstop presence in the hospital. Aunt Joyce first fell in love with the Boomer Sooners after meeting sassy mother Donna Nowak at the 2010 NCAA Championships. The love has only grown.

Kayla Nowak had previously gotten into the best shape of her life for her senior campaign after suffering an injury immediately prior to last year's post season. After several horrific injuries have plagued the sport in recent months, the gymnastics community is tentatively sighing for relief that signs appear to be extremely hopeful that Kayla will make a full recovery.


  1. Your comment on Jersey on ice, and those group lesson coaches? A 17 years old who has skated for 11 years couldn't go a decent camel spin, unbelievable!

    1. I'm not sure what this has to do with Kayla's recovery...

      Thanks for the update. It is refreshing to see her up and moving about. Good news!

  2. Ok I just have to say that seeing her up and walking is like an early Christmas present. When you consider these gymnasts risk their lives for our entertainment and a college scholarship, it makes you realize just how incredible they really are. No one wants to see their career end with an injury, and I am sure that Kayla can contribute to the team in a different way in the future. Maybe coaching or judging. It is awesome that Kayla has so much support. If it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone!

    Keep the updates coming! So glad she is doing better.

  3. All our prayers and best wishes are with you Kayla and your family, and AJ is right, your mother as well as your dad and the whole family are incredibly nice people..Boomer!

  4. so glad that this was a happy ending!

  5. Thank you for the update. As Kayla continues in her rehab, she will continue to be in our prsyers here in SoCAL.