Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Ponderous Moment

How does one manage to be boring with Wendy Williams? Oh, how I wish McKayla were there.  Somehow, I don't think Gabby has more to say on the written page.

In other delicious news...


  1. Please keep in mind that she is only 16 and has spent the majority of her life being home-schooled and in a gym. I think she's just a little awkward, I don't think she's phony. She could definitely benefit from some media training, but I don't think she comes off as if she's on drugs. That's a little harsh. And yes, I realize that Mckayla is roughly the same age as Gabby, but some people are just more charismatic than others.

  2. Apparently, there are McKayla fans who are even more egotistical than McKayla. How this appearance got construed in someone's mind as "trying to act like McKayla" would perhaps require an explanation of someone well-versed in personality cults.

  3. Gabby is phony. People who can't see that don't want to see it.

    She acts like Maroney because Maroney is naturally out going. She is quick on her feet. Gabby keeps trying to act like she is bubbly when she isn't.

    Gabby and her fanatic fans are just jealous that Aly and Mckayla are getting on the TV face time or endorsements and Gabby is an after thought.

    1. You sound suspiciously like GymTruthTeller or one of her clones. Please keep this vomit at that cesspool over there.

      I don't think there is any other place more suited for pretending that McKayla patented the mind-numbingly common personality trait of "naturally outgoing" than GymTruthTeller's pathetic universe.

      So Gabby is just the latest addition to that blogging troll's "Phony Hall of Fame". I would take that as a compliment.

    2. Please don't blame all the Americans because the people at IG are stupid. They do not rep the real gym fans.

  4. Gabby is unintelligent. She can't even talk without sounding like a toddler learning how to speak. I don't think I am giving toddlers enough credit in this situation. They at least are new at the language, Gabby has been speaking English for 16 years and she still doesn't have the brains God gave a hamster.

    Between the lack of class showed by her mother and siblings and her attitude there are multiple reasons to despise the whole family.

    Someone on my facebook recently posted how sad she was that USA-gymnastics sent that ignorant child out to media events to represent this great sport we all come to Aunt Joyce to talk about and she hit the nail on the head. Gabby and her hubristic attitude are an embarrassment to all who love this sport.

  5. Gabby is retarded. Every time she tries to be funny I get embarrassed for her. She really has no idea how immature she sounds.

  6. The funniest comment I read on GTT was the blogger saying something like Gabby was arrogant because she moved her shoulder in some particular way (which I couldn't see in the video) which implied she thought she was better that others. Or something along that line.

    I love to hate that blog because the blogger (who I think is some middle aged man who likes young girls) and "her" followers get so bent out of shape if a teenager dares to have an ego or what they consider arrogance. Which I think to them means anytime a gymnast says anything they don't agree with. And whichever poor gymnast they deem arrogant can forget about them ever forgiving them (right- I'm sure the gymnast waits around on pens and needles for their forgiveness).

    That middle aged guy and his followers (who seem to be middle aged women with children of their own) are the scariest group of gym fans I've ever come across. If they show that much hate for young teen-age girls who they don't even know - I would hate to see how they treat people they actually interact with.

    Jill Scott has a line in one of her songs about "if I were to bake you a peach pie with peaches from my own tree you'd slap me". That's what I think about those old hags who've obviously never done anything with their own lives but are "internet stars" because they can sit around on their big fat wide bottoms and trash young girls.

    The sad part of this is GTT could be a really good blog. Many times it has interesting posts and info about gymnastics. But the teen girl hate is just too much and taints all the good posts because, eventually, no matter the topic they start back with the teen bashing.

    I know, I know, it's "her" blog and if I don't like it stay away. But I guess I'm as sick as them cause it's like an over the top hate train wreck and I just gotta rubber neck.

    Truly a sick bunch. I wish one day a real media rag would do an expose about sick bloggers like that so we can see their sorry lives exposed.

    1. You seem to spend a lot of time reading the blog for someone that hates it so much.

      I wouldn't spend time at a blog if I thought it was ran by a sick middle aged man. Maybe you are the pervert.

      I read the blog but only posted once and I wasn't approved to post. I have never seen anything sick written there.

    2. G.T.T. is great for what it is. All blogs including this one are meant for entertainment.

      The worst place on the internet for gymnastics fans is

      I made my daughter deactivate her account. I had enough of the way the people posting there attack you for the tiniest difference of opinion. It is not a place for children (My daughter is 11)