Monday, December 3, 2012

Favorite Things

Oh hell, yes.

OCD at its finest.

2013 World Champions?

A first kiss better than my own.

The Fate Against Virtue

A delicious guilty pleasure.

My favorite level 9 gymnast.

A talent from the beginning.

Holy shoulders.


  1. God, Elena and Anton were so gorgeous on the ice. They were the last of the truly great Russian pairs teams.

  2. is tonya man? triple axel like man. i think legs too big. but very nice jump. only wish russians girl would jump like this. but julia can. berezhnaya and sikharulidze favorite russian pair team after gordeeva. beauty in moves but strange situachion that gold medal trouble in 2002!

  3. Why OCD for McCool?? She was absolutely gorgeous as an Elite.

    1. Because she was gorgeous. That isn't a bad thing at all. Her legs didn't cross on her twists. That almost never happens. Her technique is very OCD and wonderful.

  4. WOW Tonya was the SHIT! She can teach Mao how to Jump.

  5. Tonya would win worlds now with that performance. She could spin too.

  6. Before 1997 there wasn't a gymnast that crossed their legs on their twist. Its sad no one cares anymore to do it the right way.

    Execution? WTF, WHY bother

  7. @ Anonymous 12:57 PM
    Are you freaking kidding me? There were literally two or three gymnasts in the world with good form back in the 80s-90s. Kolesnikova, Silivas, Dudnik, Onodi and the lot, who used to perform triple twists ALL crossed their legs. If you exclude your Ponors, Nabievas, Mustafinas and Raismans, gymnasts today care a lot more about form than they did in the past (also because now they actually get deducted for it).