Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World Favorite Things

Since the world's impending doom is tomorrow, the only logical thing is to share some favorite things. Somehow I'm feeling a bit like Kirsten Dunst in "Melancholia" -- ya know, the film where she knows that the world is gonna end and she's all depressed and ...well I'm not gonna tell it all to you because you need to see it, but some serious damage control tries to happen but actually just makes things worse....

So to ease the pain just a tad, watch these videos while you wish your neighbor a happy doomsday.

A fitting countdown into our escape to the core of the ozone layer:


Incredible doesn't event begin with this one...


 Just pure bliss. Add in the Pinot grigio and anyone would die happy.


Bitch-face Kwan is always our favorite -- and an F-yeah at the end makes us all tingle inside.


Our favorite fierce Nastia.


 Thanks to Caryn, we will do anything for love.


 Required viewing for any skating fan...actually, anyone really.


 Fire-hair Khorkina at her best.


 Little miss sunshine with the same first and last name working it on the beam.


 This is so tasty. Perfectly sautéed.


 It's been real, world. Time to say GOODBYE.


  1. This is an EPIC favorite things. Nicely done!

  2. Nice! My first thought was "There HAS to be a G&G in there!" Thanks for not disappointing.

  3. Peggy on MK's triple salchow-triple loop: "It looked very well." Aww, it's like she just learned about adverbs and was super excited to use one in a sentence.

  4. I shall miss Stephane at the Olympics.

  5. Stephane's flamenco program is among my all-time favorites. Love the added bromance with the flamenco dancer prior to taking the ice :)