Monday, December 3, 2012

This and That

Ebee Price dominated the competition at the Stuttgart World Cup this weekend. She looks ready to challenge for a spot on the World Team.

Coach Donna Strauss says the Olympic experience only focused EB Price. I certainly see a trip to the American Cup in her future should she remain healthy.

Gorgeous Kiira Korpi has been rumored to be pulling out of the Grand Prix Final, but news reports today confirm that she will indeed be there despite being weakened by a Norovirus and bad back. Her always paltry triple count may officially reach piss-poor status, but no one will look prettier doing less.

The Stanford Cardinal took on SJSU for a preseason meet.

Ivana Hong: UB, BB, FX
Ashley Morgan: FX
Sam Shapiro: UB
Kristina Vaculik: UB, FX

Highlights of the Gym Dog.  Shayla appears to be in the best shape she has been in since 2007, while Sarah Persinger is also showing an improved level of fitness compared to last year. Noel Couch is upping the difficult on vault, but it will be interesting to see if the added difficulty will aid her score without improved execution. Vault is one of her higher-scoring events, as she typically sticks. She is not shown sticking like Brandie Jay (as bent legged as her vault is.) It is possible that Tanella looks more sluggish than ever, yet she is still shown training three events. Her floor routine to 'I'm Sexy and I Know It," would be the cringefest of the season for most teams, but Noel is taking the cake with Star Wars. There really is no excuse for that level of cheese. The team looks stronger than they have in years past, with Cheek visible in most of the training videos. It will be curious to see how prepared Brittany Rogers is when she joins the team after Christmas break. Rogers could be a vital member of the team in terms of success. Anysia Unick has been M.I.A. in training clips all preseason.

Practice update with the Crimson Tide. Kayla Williams is seen practicing a 1.5 twisting yurchenko. Curiously underfeatured the video is Ashley Priess.

Evgenia Medvedeva continues to impress. Her programs at Junior Russian Nationals displayed jumps with potential staying power once she inevitably grows and matures. She won the event.


  1. really AJ? not a single snide remark about the fugliness that is ebee price? what about her shitting on the beautiful memory of afan by somehow thinking that she has the artistry to use the world champ's floor music?

  2. The routine is hideous, but I doubt many of the Americans even watch the World Championships or know the names of their competitors. The tumbling is serrrrious.

  3. Christa Tanella looks out of shape especially compared to the rest of Georgia. Whomever was brought in for conditioning did their job. Wierd to see someone other than Jay Clark spotting their bars. Handstand positions did not look that great. As for AP and Alabama maybe she was sick that day? It wasnt a verification....

    Why is everyone in NCAA gymnastics all of a sudden concerned about increasing difficulty? This is happening at Georgia, FL and AL when there is really no advantage in their code if you can stick and perfect easier skills.

  4. Can someone please explain why Tanella is so much more out of shape than her teammates? She must have some fucked up metabolism if she is working as hard as them *cough cough* and still isn't at their level of fitness. You would think after this many years of contributing nothing to UGA she would have enough self-respect to get in competition shape for her last season.

    Persinger is looking spot on. Bet we'll be seeing her in AA.

  5. I'm excited to see Ebee layout the double double to open her routine.

  6. Ebee can tumble her like there's no tomorrow. That double double holy shit.

    But Donna Strauss needs to work on ebees execution asap. Those leaps and lack of toe point drive me crazy.