Saturday, December 15, 2012

This and That

Kayla Nowak returned home from the hospital today and is said to be walking around her apartment a ton, shocking her roommate who is misty eyed whenever she gets up and about.

The Georgia Gym Dogs held their sneak peak today. Based on Couch's 9.95 for her piked vault, it looks like the team is about where they were a year ago. In some ways, the underbelly of the team looks better, yet they are sorely missing Kat Ding and Gina Nuccio. It is interesting to see one poster thinking Tanella has a chance to be in all four events...which means that Brittany Rogers better enter in fabulous shape or else to team is going to lose Coach Durante's first home. Based on recent interviews, Coach Durante appears pleasant, yet a bit nervous. It can only be expected, as the athletic director will certainly be putting the pressure on if she doesn't achieve results.

Despite how gorgeous Shayla Worley is on beam, it amazes me that she cannot stick a gainer full dismount or execute it without piking down her body. I am one who has always loved the look of her gymnastics, but it simply boggles the mind how she is unable to dismount bars or beam now. I hope we get to see her on floor, as she does appear to be much improved on the event. Being that it is Shayla, there will be all sorts of little injuries and dramas, so we will probably only see her 5-6 times.



Kaetlyn Osmond scored a 131.97 for her free skate at the Skate Canada Challenge.

Amelia Maloney Hundley's new floor routine has impressive tumbling. As always, the choreography and music is typical insipid elite crap performed in the USofA.  Amelia will be twisting that double layout with a rod in her leg in no time. Such a joy to hear MLT's OCD once again.

The Skating and Gymnastics Craptacular took place this evening. Reports indicate that Alissa Czisny went for a few triples on the smaller ice surface.  Adam Rippon and Jeremy Abbott both missed several jumps in the show, but it should be noted how small the rink actually is. It is wonderful that Nastia is allowed to get in touch with her inner ice skater diva bitch once a year, as gymnasts just are not on her level.

An exceptional Gay Christmas moment.

Quite the duo are bonding at a Christmas party tonight.

Brian Joubert withdrew from the French National Championships, but is still hoping to compete at Europeans and Worlds. The aging hottie is still recovering from a viral infection.

My husband's latest performance.

Denis Ablyazin at the Voronin Cup:


  1. Unflattering angle on Raisman!? Didn't recognize her at first.

  2. I was at that skating gymnastics thing. That was not an unflattering angle on Raisman. Every thing is unflattering on her. She was not the only one that was fat however. Anyway it was worth the admission to watch them labor through backhandsprings on beam, full turns on beam, and layouts on floor. It is nice for the level six gymnasts in the stands to realize that they could be on the floor competing skill for skill with those "gymnasts"

  3. Dear god Aly Raisman! Say it ain't so! She looks worse than a college gymnast!

  4. Uncle Dick is getting on in years. I hope we have plenty more. No one does snark like Dick Button.

  5. Man, Kayla is beyond amazing. Smiling in every photo. So glad to hear she's up and about. Best wishes!

  6. Wow... Raisman is chubbing out quickly!