Saturday, January 5, 2013

Preview of The Skating Lesson Episode 2: An Interview With Tim Goebel

Coming Wednesday to The Skating Lesson.


  1. it is so nice to see a no holds barred interview. I hate the shitting out sunshine skating interviews that we always see. I really respected tonya harding for her competitive drive, do whatever it takes to win. That is a champion! She would never give some dumb ass answer like I love Nancy, we are teammates, we all want to do well etc......

  2. I love how you subtly try to make Timothy cry and relive his experiences. I feel like Aunt Joyce has more in common with my favorite journalist, Barbara Walters, and nothing with that wretched, chipper harpy Katie Couric. This is ironic because of all the fights he and I have had where I praised Barbara's interviewing as the ideal (where there is narrative, recollections of the past, and emotional building), while he always argued that gotcha, ambush ya with a perky smile Katie Couric was somehow more journalistic just because it was tougher and bitchier.

    Yes, my points here are that you are a good interviewer and that Katie Couric is not.

  3. Jenny has great hair, great teeth and a perfect rack!