Monday, January 21, 2013

Live Blog: Stanford @ Georgia

Today's MLK Jr. Day meet features Stanford taking on the Gym Dogs in Athens, GA. The Gym Dogs are coming off of a win on Friday despite some hiccups during the second half of the meet. Coach Danna Durante continues to find her footing in Athens and attempt to bring the team back into contention. The Stanford Cardinal are a team that typically does not defeat the Gym Dogs in dual meets, as they always face off near the beginning of the season and the Cardinal does not typically put out a full lineup until March.

And here is Kevin Copp!

Despite the rough last few seasons, this team is as perky and confident as ever. I love how Tanella interviews Coach Durante after the meet. It isn't any different from other teams who have past gymnasts telling us how wonderful everyone in the program is. All NCAA teams shit ice cream. Period. The end.

Notable Results:

Current Rankings:

Making History Intro (oh the good ol' days)

Commit to the G!

Georgia is really #9 as of the rankings that just came out.


23/24 spots in the lineup are the same as Friday. The only change is on bars. There will be different exhibitions this meet.

Ivana Hong was scratched prior due to the meet. She is typically an all-arounder.  Noel Couch is still recovering from her broken thumb. She will likely be back on vault and floor before bars or beam.

Davis-VT-Stuck FTY (best she can do it)   Davis vaults about once per week in practice.  9.850

Morgan-UB- Clean jaegar, overshoot, blind+double front with a step and chest down.  9.750

Persinger-VT-Pikey FTY with a hop and a step. (Likely will be replaced by Couch.) If she extended her body, she might stick. 9.750

Dayton- UB-Unimpressive extension. Missed her tkatchev. Stuck double layout.  9.200

Cheek- VT-Stuck FTY, flairs it out. Could have an inch or two more height. Should go later in the lineup.  9.925

A. Morgan-UB- P Jaegar, overshoot, stuck double layout. Nice routine.  9.850

Rogers-VT-Almost a stuck 1.5TY, slight hop back after landing and almost sticking. Big vault.  9.900

Vaculik-UB- Has been looking better than ever. Muscled too shoot, geinger, shootover, gorgeous extension, double layout with a pike in the hips and a hop.   9.675

Hires-VT-Low FTY, stuck, chest way down and legs apart. Should be earlier in the lineup. 9.825

Shapiro- UB- Straddled Jaegar, Pak, Double Layout with a hop. having a better NCAA career than Mattie.  9.850

Jay-VT-1.5TY, tiny hop forward.  9.900

Spinner-UB-Tkatchev, shootover, giant full+double tuck (big step)   They all have similar routine composition.  9.725.

A- on Vault for Georgia.
C on bars for Stanford.

UGA: 49.400 Vault  (Definitely the team's strongest event.)
Stanford: 48.450 Uneven Bars

In the words of UF's commentator, the Stanford bar 'exhibitionist' fell on her geinger.

Georgia's vault lineup is gaining confidence and consistency. The order of the lineup is different than we would expect from Doug, but there is a new vault coach with his own strategy. The loss of Ivana Hong has to impact Stanford today. This is not a team that is particularly strong early on. Coach Smyth doesn't put all of her top gymnasts in until March in order to keep girls healthy and build depth. It will be interesting to learn what the extent of Ivana Hong's injury is.

Brandie Jay replaces Cat Hires today, as expected.

Anysia Unick will exhibition bars today. Now that Durante is the head coach of UGA, it is time for a makeover. She needs to project 'diva.' It is time.

A. Morgan-VT-Low Hristakeava, big hop forward. 9.725

Cheek-UB-Little over on first handstand, big tkatchev (bit close), shootover, stuck double layout. A powerful, aggressive bars swinger. Not the elegant type. Reminiscent of Kelsey.  9.875

Rice-VT-FTY small hop.  9.775

Jay-Shaposhnikova (leg sep)+Shootover, Giant Full, Full Twisting Double Back-stuck.  Goodbye Cat Hires. 9.900 (tad high?)

Chuang-VT- FTY Solid.  9.825

Tanella-UB- Jaegar, shootover, little over on handstand, giant full+double back (one step back)  9.750

Vaculik-VT-Omeilianchik -small knee bend and a step.  9.800

Rogers-UB-Ricna, Shootover, Ray, Stuck Full twisting Double Back with flexed feet.  9.875

Dayton-VT-Stuck Hristakeava. Strong vault.

All eyes on Shayla.

Worley-UB-Shootover-lil over arch, 2 slightly short handstands, tkatchev, double layout with a step forward. Steady, not great.  9.850

Hanset-VT-Handspring, front pike 1/2, uncontrolled hop back and to the side on the landing.  9.800

Davis-UB- Tkatchev, shootover, ''college stick.''  9.900

Unick-UB exhibition-

Georgia: 49.400 Uneven Bars  (A-)
Stanford:  49.125 Vault  (B-)

Unick-UB exhibition-Canadian stepdown, Jaegar (caught by fingertips), pak salto, great swing, gorgeous toe point, blind change+double front (releases early and sits it down.)

The Gym Dogs need to keep the momentum going. They have had difficulty in the second half of their meets thus far. Even if they get through beam, they have had difficulty sustaining their endurance on floor exercise. Thus far, the team looks to be finding their stride. After a great first half, they can bring themselves back into contention nationally with a steady finish this week and a solid showing at the Metroplex Invitational next weekend. Tanella and Worley continue to look as though they have taken it up a notch for their senior year physically and mentally. The fresh start and new energy seems to be working for them as a team. Sometimes a change is simply the best option for all parties involved, whether they wish to accept it or not. Both LSU and UGA appear stronger this season.

The loss of Ivana Hong is clearly impacting Stanford, but this is valuable experience for the girls replacing her today.

Cheek-BB- FTurn, BHS+Loso+Loso, Big Switch Side, Side Aerial, Switch Leap+Straddle 1/4, Stuck Gainer full.  This girl is made of mental win.  9.875

S. Morgan-FX-Double Pike (stuck), 1 1/2+Front layout (stumbles and puts her knee down), Really interesting choreography. It almost looked like she was stopping and shaking out her leg after her second pass! Double Tuck. She needs to work the dramatic strutting/walking after her second pass. Could use more sass in her presentation. 9.000

Tanella-BB-Aerial-big break at waist, Twiddle+Sheep Jump (check), Switch+Split,Side Somi (comes right off), Pikey Gainer Full with a step. Just no fight in the routine today. No series.   8.800 (Generous)

Rice-FX-Double Pike (stuck-nice gym cats double pike), Front Layout+Front Layout, Nice GymCats turns before she stumbles and falls on an inside double turn, little low and forward with her chest on the Double Tuck.  9.025

Ivana slipped off the bars. She is 100%, but they are using their depth. AKA not serious? Mental?

Persinger-BB-Pressure is on. LTurn (check), Aerial+Twiddle, BHS+Loso, gorgeous toepoint. Front Kickover to 2 FT (HUGE break), Take the skill out! It is ugly to begin with. RO+1 1/2. Once again, problems in the second half for Georgia.  9.625

Shapiro-FX-Back 1 1/2+Front Layout Full, Double Pike (solid, low?), Lady Gaga Muzak instrumental, Stanford spends a TON of time in the corner. Back 1 1/2+punch front. The level of difficulty in NCAA is really diminishing this season. It remains extremely evident. 9.800

Rogers-BB-Switch Leap+Wolf (checks), Back Dive 1/4, Aerial+BHS, L Turn, Kochetkova (crooked)+Low Pikey Back Full. Fought through that routine. Good use of experience.  Series question. Do a BHS+Layout. This is what happens when teams do cheap composition...having a small wobble could be a huge error.  9.550 (9.800 SV). Change the composition.

Hanset-2 1/2+Punch Front, Front Full+Pike Front+Double Stag, solid third pass   9.875

Worley-BB-BHS+Loso, F Turn, Kochetkova+Switch Split+Gainer Full (kinda sticks/kinda bounced is place). Strong   9.875

A, Morgan-FX-Double Arabian, fhs+front layout+front layout, Double Tuck.  9.850

Earls-BB-bhs+bhs+loso, switch leap+staddle 1/4. side somi, Full Turn, big round off+double tuck with a small step back with one foot.  9.900

Chuang-FX-Double Pike, Front Layout+Front Full, Back 1 1/2+Front Layout. Again, underwhelming routine composition...especially for an anchor.9.825

Kirby-BB Exhibition-Bhs+loso (fall), cat leap+gainer (break), F Turn, Back 1 1/2 (Big hop and a step)

C- for Georgia on beam. Only gets a passing grade for a few solid routines.  D- for routine composition. Rogers can do so many skills. There is no reason for her to lack a series. Tanella is also lacking a series whenever she breaks, which remains inexcusable as well.

C for Stanford of Floor.

The dumbing down of NCAA gymnastics is so egregious this season that it is difficult to feel badly for teams that lose credit for series when they continually take advantage of loopholes and ridiculous new rules that need to be changed. Gymnastics shouldn't devolve. When Suzanne Yoculan retired, NCAA lacked excitement due to the loss of a magnetic personality. Now the gymnastics is suffering as well.

I typically refer to Stanford that will 9.825 you to death. They would be lucky with 9.825's across the board today.

S. Morgan-BB-bhs+loso, side aerial (wobble), F Turn (funny hands in fists), stuck double full dismount.  9.675 (9.900 SV-missed leap connection)

Earls-FX-Double Pike (stuck), Shayla loves this routine, FHS+Front Layout+Rudi, Double Tuck. Solid routine. Solid day for Kaylan.   9.900

Vaculik-BB-Switch Leap+Back Tuck, bhs+loso, switch leap+wolf jump w pointed toes, Aerial(wobble), gorgeous switch side, big double full with a big step back.  Why is she second up? So lovely. 9.800

Tanella-FX-Double Pike, 1 1/2+Front 1/2+Stag (fights to stay in bounds), You either love this routine or hate it. Front Layout+Rudi.  Solid effort with a second pass that she fought for.   9.850

A. Morgan-Bhs+Layout (wobble, raises one foot), punch front, connected leaps, round off+double tuck with one step. Solid.

Hires-FX-Will she deliver today? Double Pike, Front Layout+Rudi, Double Tuck. Steady effort. Not great presentation, but will be a solid option with a decent amount of experience.  9.875

Spinner-BB-Bhs+Loso, Solid split jump to straddle 3/4, switch leap+gainer layout, double full. Steady. Again, 'love' the similarity of the routine construction.  9.925

Persinger-FX-Front through to Double Tuck, Double Turn, Double Pike, The Gym Dogs appear to sell to the crowd a bit more than the Cardinal. It is likely due to regularly performing in front of bigger crowds. Rudi to finish.  9.825

Hanset-BB-bhs+loso (wobble), Switch Leap+Straddle 1/4, Front Aerial (bobble, raises leg), F Turn, BHS+1 1/2 stuck. Steady routine.   9.750

Jay-FX-Double Pike (can't wait for the full out), FHS+Front Double Full+Punch Front (stuck, huge pass), Pedestrian choreography, Double Tuck (big bounce back with a few steps.) Needs to put in the harder mount and dismount with the double pike. She has the power to do it.   9.850 (too high)

Rice-BB-one legged punch front (wobble), bhs+loso (wobble), bhs+gainer full (stuck with chest low.)  9.775

Worley-FX-Needs a 9.900 for a 197.000.    Double Pike, Front Double Full (best of the year thus far), Fantastic performer on floor. The presentation helps bring up a few of these scores. The Cardinal could really score a bit higher on floor with more energy in their routines. Front Layout+Rudi.  Best meet of her NCAA career?  9.900

Chuang-solid beam exhibition.

Breazeal-FX exhibition-1 1/2+Front layout (yes, as a mount), Lovely grace, fhs+front full+front layout, fhs+rudi. Probably one of the cleanest routines she has ever done. Lovely tan as well.  9.800

49.375 for UGA on floor (A-)
40.050 for Stanford on beam (B)

197.000 for UGA.
195.400 for Stanford.

And it was a successful weekend for the Gym Dogs in Athens. They clearly have a ton of work to do on beam. Stanford got a ton of experience without Ivana Hong and will likely get a huge boost in their score when she returns to action. It was a shame to miss seeing her in action today.

Skills we are sick of seeing: rudis on floor, aerial+bhs on beam, one foot punch front to two feet (aerial kickover to two is just ugly and they almost always wobble.)


  1. Thanks for this! Made my work day much more interesting :)

  2. It's been interesting so far to see the Gym Dogs under Durante. I'm excited to see how the season progresses.