Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pairs Showdown

Which team will win Worlds? Can Aliona land the triple salchow? Do they need it? Since when do these Ukrainian girls make mistakes?!


  1. Volosozhar/Trankov will win, if only because the judges clearly hate the Bolero program.

  2. If you saw the Canadian championships, don't count out Duhamel and Radford. Clean program with side-by-side triple lutzes and triple salchows. Way better than I've seen from either of the other teams this year.

    1. There is more to pairs skating than side by side triple lutzs. I like D/R but I think overall S/S and V/T are better skaters. (Plus S/S do triple toe/triple toe sequences not something to snuff at)...V/T well are just gorgeous to watch.

  3. Not to take anything from S/S greatness and legacy but I think their time has passed. If V/T won't make major mistakes at the Worlds and if S/S won't be sharply clean (I doubt), the Russians will get the title.

  4. Hopefully S/S will.

  5. V/T are such beautiful skaters - I just wish they got some good choreography because IMO that was deathly dull and I got so bored I nearly stopped watching.

    At least there was some inventiveness going on throughout S/S's program and the throws are amazing, but it is still pretty lame and the costumes are stupid (tho not as horrible as the initial ones they had).

    I can only cross my fingers these teams will be inspired by the prospect of Olympic glory next year to come up with something more worthy of their abilities.

  6. Tatiana & Maksim all the way. They need to go clean of course, but if everyone does, they have clearly the best programs. I love their FS. And even if they were close, the music choice would be my tie breaker. Seriously, I can't stand another Bolero (that includes you, Carolina Kostner), unless you can top Torvill and Dean. If you can't, don't even bother.