Saturday, January 19, 2013

Katelyn Osmond's short program at Canadian Nationals

UCLA vs. Utah

In an announcement that shocked no one, Evan Lysacek withdrew from next week's US Figure Skating

Michelle Kwan got married today. I know we are all waiting for photos of that Vera Wang gown.

Denney and Coughlin are petitioning to Worlds. Ice Network posted an article about it, which means there is a good chance the USFS may send them. At this point ones need to wonder if they are coming back too quickly and risking injury and risking being a solid pair at the Olympics.

Pechalat and Bourzat withdrew from Europeans due to a partially torn muscle in Fabian's groin. They are hoping to compete at Worlds.

Mirai Nagasu is happy to be under the radar. Could she be the spoiler this year?

Patrick Chan's short at Canadian Nationals

Emanuel Sandhu's return to Canadian Nationals

Lizzy Leduc at the Metroplex Intrasquad


  1. Osmond is definitely the best Cdn female since JoRo. Canada won't have to send mediocrity to worlds this year (and yes I know the scores are uber-inflated).

  2. I think Osmond is a real threat for a World medal this year AND an Olympic medal in 2014! A real spoiler for the current 'big guns'! :D

  3. The judges have not gone with the muscular, flashy style of interpretation with the high kick choreography since Tonya Harding. She is like Canada's Rachael Flatt. She has a good shot at 4th-9th place I think. If she improves her jump consistency she could be a threat to all the American ladies, but I don't see her medaling unless everybody from Asia and Russia, along with Kostner and Wagner, tanks. That's unlikely in 2013 or next year, but time will tell.

    1. canadians are on the roll. IMO, It's not probable chan get ogm.
      olympics isn't the skate canada or the canadian nationals. In olympics, one fall in sp, game over, though chan won the skate canada with 5 falls.

      International judges are starting to enlarge the gaps between D/W and V/M.

      They comfort themselves with osmond's canadian national scores. it's funny. Comfort ye my people!

    2. what I really enjoy about osmond is nobody outside canada recognizes her. only canadian coaches and media are praising a canadian champion and skate canada champion. It's even surreal.

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  5. Emanuel Sandhu makes me love men's skating. He was really better than Johnny, but he did not have the mental focus that Johnny was capable of on good days. Emanuel also beat up his body doing quads because he came up competitively in years when it was more of an obligation.

  6. Coronation is complete!!!

    Long live on line Canadian Queen!!!

    (and Canadian King, too)

  7. Is the Canadian Queen Emanuel Sandhu?

    Or this new girl who only fell once!?!