Sunday, January 20, 2013

Favorite Things: Sigh...

Great Song + Amazing Skater + Lovely Choreography = Total Win

Forgotten quality.

An incredible moment.

How to do a great DTY.

How to do the 1992 compulsory floor routine.

We were not worthy. A true gift from God.

An underrated beauty.

Absolutely brilliant.

The very best of John Nicks.

Quite simply, a visual treat.


  1. Shannon Miller's compulsories floor is beautiful. That should be labeled underrated.

  2. Kwan + On My Own. Ahhh for the days of exhibition numbers that were more than a few flexiblity tricks and watered down versions of the LP skated to pop music.

  3. How come I can't play these videos???? I see a red play clicky space, but it won't work!!

  4. Kwan is not a versatile skater. similar music and costumes. No challenges artistically and choreographically. She played it safe within her own boundaries.

    1. She tried doing different things but when she did judges told her to go back to what had gotten her all her titles. Look up Miraculous Mandarin. It was a program which was 15 years ahead of its time.

  5. Kwan is a great recipient of skating boom era caused by Tonya Harding. The era that actually was ''too much money,but less talent''. combined with the economic bubble.

  6. Nobody can connect with the audience as well as Kwan. Kwan's skating touched people's heart, made others tear off.
    All the moves in her exnibitions looked easy, but they were very hard to do. Only when you have tried them on the ice yourself, you'll know what I meant.