Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trading Places: BBC Documentary

This documentary had Russian gymnasts and British gymnasts trade places.  While none of the gymnasts wound up making it big, it is extremely worth watching the shitty quality.  The British kids are charming and the Russians have the stereotypical blunt icy arrogance going on when they are asked to do a cheesetastic exhibition.  This is an old favorite.

Anna Pavlova can be seen training and competing in this documentary.

The rest of the documentary that is available on youtube is posted  after the jump!

Unfortunately, parts 3 and 4 are missing.


  1. thank you so much for this

  2. Vanessa Hobbs who is in the footage but not one of the featured gymnasts from Dynamo UK did make it to euro's, worlds, and Olympics.

    Shortly after Dynamo moved to the larger purpose built gym they are in today.

    Katie did well, was training with the senior GB gymnasts at national squad sessions while still a junior, but was unlucky with injury and unable to graduate to senior ranks at the top level.

  3. AJ-Shawn Johnson has offically retired-via USAG website.