Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This and That

Johnny Weir in Artistry on Ice.  This music choice would've be awesome six or seven years ago.  I'm shocked he waited so long to skate to Xtina.  His power is improved.  If he doesn't get to thin, his PCS could improve.  The OCD divas tend to get a bit slow when their metabolisms slow down due to starvation (like someone we saw on uneven bars this past weekend.)

Marlie's Die Fledermaus at the DSC show.

The InnerView with David Wilson 

Weaver and Poje aim for World Podium

Shen and Zhao to Quite the Stage  (Let's hope they can teach throws!)

Dominique Moceanu felt a primal loss before meeting her sister.  Her book is released to day.  I cannot wait to read and review it.

Octavian Belu on Haidu, Ponor and Bulimar.

Interview with Catalina Ponor.

Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina will do AA at the Russian Cup.  Anastasia Grishina will only do bars due to pain in her leg.

Breaking Pointe Preview

Johnny Weir Press Conference for Artistry on Ice

Dare Maxwell's Maloney

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