Friday, June 1, 2012

A Kiss From Heaven

Garrett Kling's tribute to Oksana Baiul-the skinny years, is more of a love letter to Aunt Joyce than Sasha Cohen coming back and switching coaches again for the 2009-2010 season.  Hell, this seems like a downright proposal.

Mary Hanretty performed a tribute to Shae-Lynn Bourne.  He continues to skate in all of his own challenges.  He is a fantastic skater, but isn't the point to choreograph for others?  Mark's work is going to win him this competition.  He has some star power in the UK and the people of YAS are all about grasping every ten or twelve fans they can get.

Amy Nunn did a tribute to the beautiful Jenny Kirk with hints of her choreography from the Mary Scotvold and post-Mary Scotvold eras.

A few of these YAS contestants are taking this VERY seriously.  Mark, Garrett and Rob clearly are in it to win it.  Never in my life did I believe I'd witness a tribute to Naomi Lang, but Rob is using it as an excuse to feature the ever-popular Lynn and Logan in Challenge 5.  And we thought Garrett was pandering with Jason Brown.  Watching these queens claw their way to the top is a new level of fun.  I think Audrey should post another video of herself walking in the mall and discuss it.

Audrey appears to have gotten dolled up for her tens of fans in honor of her last challenge.  This is why Audrey really misses Brian Wright, because he would keep the sun-kissed skating coach from wearing geisha makeup on camera.  The white foundation just doesn't go with her gorgeous tan.

P.S. We have been promised a new Ginger Jackson-type hot mess to thoroughly luxuriate in.  I can't wait!

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