Friday, August 12, 2011

What I'm Living For...

The diva does Carmen!

One of her best competitive performances.  I love Baby Sasha's energy and detailed choreography in this program.  This is when she just started naming everything after herself.

Still doing a Triple Lutz every night a decade after Olympic gold!

Her best floor routine.

Kurt Browning does the quad 10 years after gold in this awesome program.  It is one of those programs that is much better in person than on TV.  The quad is better than the one he did at 1988 Worlds.

A stunning program to my favorite piece of music.

I don't want to piss off Lu Chen, she still OWNS this music.

This routine isn't about the tumbling.  It is just magical.

Love this beam in the super-hero green leotard.

A copy is never as good as the original.  Fumie didn't do this program justice.

The judges needed to give this program more love.

It doesn't matter that it is a TV show, Katia is one hard core Russian bitch.  Love all of the judges fawning over her for granting them with her presence each and every week.  Katia clearly thinks it is deserved.

Marina Zoueva taught me my idealistic vision of romance.  I don't want to admit that I imagine myself being Tessa in this program, I'll just say that I really want to do a lift over someone's knee.

I'm never sure if this program is an ironic love, or if I actually enjoy it.  Either way, Tanith effing KILLS me with that letter.  Oh, how I miss my beautiful actress!

Pasha's interview makes the program.  The audio and video aren't synched, so here is another video:

This is a street tango.  AKA, Pasha is one trashy badass hooker.

I'm Rick James, bitch!


  1. Vishneva is the last, true Kirov/ Mariinsky ballerina in the grand tradition in that she has that rare ability to infuse passion and intelligence in her dancing, and doing it without resorting to cheap, tacky tricks like grotesque extensions that distort proper ballet placement or alignment.

    As a Mariinsky Ballet fan and someone with "inside information", I can say that Ms. Vishneva is like her stage diva with great warmth underneath. Vishneva isn't a sweetheart like Evgenia Obraztsova who is truly the sweetest person ever. Vishneva is a more mysterious sort of person, for example we still don't know why she has tattoos on her upper thigh.

    Unfortunately, there are many dancers and ballet fans in Russia who are jealous of Vishneva, and criticize her less than perfect ballet body. Now the trend is for extremely thin and tall dancer-gymnasts like Alina Somova. Vishneva is only 5' 4". It's true that Vishneva's legs aren't very long for a ballerina, she also has broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs especially calves. But onstage, she magically transforms herself into lively, elongated lines. Actually, the Mariinksy denied her the opportunity to dance Swan Lake until well into her career, because they thought her legs to be ugly (too sinewy, bulky). She had to make her Swan Lake debut elsewhere before her home theatre let her dance it.

  2. AJ, any predictions for Nationals this week?

  3. that carmen was sublime. just perfection.

  4. The fact that Hollie Vise would be referred to as a "good dancer" and that anyone would think that program was well-choreographed is just a testament to how terrible dance and choreography have gotten in WAG today. The choreography was embarrassing and as a trained dancer, I think her dance skills were mediocre at best.

  5. I still have that Jeff Buttle performance on my Tivo...because one does not erase perfection.