Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reading Between The Lines With Martha Karolyi

Martha put on her best politically correct face with the media on Tuesday, but we have known this woman for a long time.  We know exactly what she meant about each girl.

Shawn is not in shape for the year and her knee is an issue.  Maybe next year, biotch.  The powers that be have actually wondered if Shawn is doing it for the right reasons after she decided to hold a press conference four days into her comeback at an elementary school.  Shawn's pesky agent, Sheryl Shade, lined up and publicized deals with sponsors when she was spending more time at the chalk bowl at camp than on the actual equipment.

Chellsie is promising but she better not get injured...again.  I saw a little workout today because I'm not investing much yet.  She didn't come to camp, so I have other girls to watch.

Alicia is working hard for herself and doesn't have a countdown about quitting the sport after the Olympic Games.  That helps.  Her Jesus-loving boyfriend is trying to reign her in.

I hug Bridget and tell her to lose a little weight so she can give me a bar routine.  It was good that she came here to train and have to do routines.  I got her to stay on the beam in Beijing with my expectations in the preparation.

It is good to have a pity meet and keep the girls on the World Team working so we can threaten to replace them.

Shawn should be nervous.

Mattie is always injured and a mental mess.  I told you all last year that she was done and I was thru wit her.  Mental is more important than physical and she is a disaster at the highest level.  She is personally frustrated for being a disappointment at the Olympics.  I would love to have another beautiful girl on the team instead of Aly Raisman, but Mattie cannot hit at the competition or the camps.

Martha playing fake nice with Jason from Gymnastike...

(similar to 2004...please stop choking)

Cue actress Martha... 'selection process is always hard.'  I like playing games and this process is like playing poker with Kelli Hill.  I don't like two-event specialists.  Ask Hollie Vise.


  1. The more I hear from Marta, the more I love her. Thanks for the translation, btw.

  2. well said, AJ... it has been a long time since NCAAs... so excited to have new gym commentary to look forward to every day during Nationals!

  3. 100% agree with your Marta translation. Random observation, Bridget Sloan looks in shape and has conceded that she's at 95%. I definitely think she and Marvin (are smartly IMHO) pulling a 2007/2008 in holding her back to make sure she properly peaks. (& of course Marvin stressed "big picture" so its not shocking). However, I worry that gymnast like Weiber, Aly, and even ASac are pushing too much too soon. They still have world selection camp, Worlds, maybe American Cup 2012, 2012 camps, Nationals, and trials to get through. All of this in a 11-month time period.

  4. I don't think Bridget's laziness is strategy per se. Bridget was dropped from the 2007 World Team and made the alternate because she was a disaster in training.