Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!

Fierceness edition.

She may have been the most undisciplined thing ever, yet I still love her.

Even though I hate that every young Chinese-American skater uses this music, I love the Brits commentating for this program.  Landing that double axel after missing it all week was quite badass.

I don't give a rusty hoot about the dance combo, this routine is stunning.

Ms. Hollie was (and is) divine!

I secretly love the jutzpah in this beam routine.  I also love how Carly and Khorkina could never hit for their teams, yet always hit for themselves.  Oh yes, "the team medal is the most important!"

The program that actually made me start liking Tara Lipinski.  (Holy mother of gorgeous salchow technique.)

Judge me all you'd like, I love this program.  Flailing limbs and all.

Because we needed another excuse to re-watch this and imagine ourselves doing Meryl's ending pose (along with clutching out chest after a fabulous skate.)


  1. Great set of vids this week! I could always get another excuse to watch Marlie and of course Tanith's "Let's get LOUD!"

  2. AHH Nastia worship..
    I almost missed it

  3. Aww baby Michelle was so cute!! I haven't seen that SP in a long time. Thanks.

  4. One tweet from Nastia and she can now do no wrong. I also noticed you deleted all the nasty stuff you said about her.

    This was the last blog worth reading. Now you have ruined it by selling out.

  5. What did Nastia tweet to Aunt Joyce?

  6. AJ has been obsessed with Nastia for years. He just made fun of her like he makes fun of everyone. He has even made fun of Michelle Kwan and we know he loves her. The old posts about Nastia were on the blog when he deleted it and quit blogging for a while. You can find it on google cache.

  7. Meryl & Charlie wuzrobbed!!! Took me a while to get past the popstar rendition of S&D in the first part of the program, but WHAT a program!!

  8. what did she tweet? Something about AJ?

    P.S. AJ you are fab. Your posts are fab. Never change.

  9. I forgot this blog existed until I ran across a gym blog that linked this site. You have sold out. AJ always called out Nastia. Now he just talks about how wonderful she is.

    I'll go back to forgetting this place exists. What a waste this blog has become.