Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pause for Irene - Champagne wishes and D score dreams


Catty Comments here! AJ is on a quick blog vaycay while the cast from Jersey Shore and RHONJ figures out how to switch the power back on after that bitch Irene demanded all of that attention. Make Broadway go dark on a Saturday - that broad needs to go a-way.

In the meantime, his skates are sharpened and his crossovers are improving. Because while home still doesn't have powah, the rink does. The crazy skating moms MUST GO ON.

What I'm studying in the meantime is current & potential D-scores for 2011 Tokyo worlds.

Elizabeth Seitz of Germany, beastly bars EFer in Rotterdam, competed an amazing bars combo of full-twisting Maloney to immediate stalder hs 1/2. Hiddy form, but a revolutionary new way to get from low bar to handstand on high bar. It's at :20 here:

McKayla Maroney is proving to be not just a 1-trick Amanar pony (and what a trick it is!) with her 6.0 6.1D fx and Visa vault win over Sacramone, even with biased scoring. She's still working her way up to consistently hitting the insane double Arabian dismount. You know you're a badass when, as a new senior, you're attempting the same dismount as trickster Steven Legendre. And, with Bross' injury, she miraculously emerged with 2nd AA at Visas for seniors.

Lose the screechy fast violin music, and Maroney could do 2 events in London.

I'm rooting for Sabrina Vega to get the Team USA alternate position for Worlds. Talk about a gorgeous gymnast - tall, long lines, great skills with great form & power, and what's this? Actual DANCING actually TO the music? I know, right?

Last but not least, my gurlie of the UCLA Anna Li, had the 2nd highest bars score of 2011 Visa Championships at 15.050. She rocked a 6.5D score even without her full difficulty, which includes adding a full twist to the dismount.


  1. Maroney's FX D score is 6.1

  2. I'd be surprised if someone could do a full-twisting Maloney with good form. Shaposh skills are meant to be done with an arch, and an arch is the last thing a gymnast should have when doing full twisting elements.

  3. I don't trust Maroney's arabian double front dismount at all and hope she has a backup plan, but her 3.5 twist is pretty nice.

  4. I totes agree re: S. Vega's floor routine---so glad you noticed !:) So few gymnasts really have dance in the FX and it ANNNOYS me (sorry for shouting!) Robin

  5. Maroney has really nice form in her tumbling, she just needs to work on timing and she'll have it. i think the music is great. i'd put her up on floor over Sacramone any day.

  6. You obviously haven't seen Sabrina's heinous leg separation in her piked full-in & double pike. Horrendous.

  7. I agree about Sabrina Vega, she has huge potential! Plus it doesn't hurt that her routine totally looks like it was choreographed by a rhythmic gymnast. Her routine was definitely one of my favourites of the competition. I don't think she'll make the worlds team but I'm excited to see what kind of career she'll have.

  8. I like Maroney's floor music. And that 3 1/2 looks like it could easily become a quad. She drops out of the sky on that landing! I don't yet trust that dismount either, though... Also love Vega.

  9. Thanks Rich - that puppy has been edited to 6.1D!

    RE: Vega, actual dance & artistry > minor leg separations on 2 skills. If you call those double pike & pike full-in minor leg separations "heinous," then 1987 Kristie Phillips will drive you to an apoplectic fit.

    RE: ft Maloney can't be done w/ good leg form, let me introduce you to Chelsey Coleman, former Desert Devils & Utah gymnast. While at DD with Geoff Eaton, she rocked a full-twisting Shaposhnikova with excellent form for this now-famous video:

    For non-skill name geeks, the Maloney is a toe-on entry, the Shaposhnikova is a more difficult free-hip entry.