Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favorite Romanians

Twilight: New Moon

The return of Ana Porgras.

Ana Porgras won her third straight title ahead of Amelia Racea and Raluca Pitic Haidu.



  1. OMG check out you tube
    Reach for the sky
    Mid 80's rom gymnastics movie dubbed into eng.

  2. The Romanians look GREAT on beam and also on floor as well if Izbasa and Chelaru are still at their best. However,they do have a huge weakness on bars(as always) and are not spectacular on vault compared to Russia and the U.S. I think they will medal at worlds but I dont seem them winning the title. They would need Russia,USA, and China to melt down. At least one of those teams will probably have an off day, but unlikely that all three will be disasters. Then again you can never count out the Romanians...

  3. China has significant vault and floor problems, don't they? I feel like everyone is rather weak this year, including the US, who I think will still win even with Bross out. Romania looks good though. And next year should get stronger.

  4. Romania's confidence and execution makes them dangerous this year. Those girls have veteran experience and they are performing with such confidence after time off. I anticipate a plethora of errors from the US, China, Russia, etc. Romania will wind up on the podium if they perform like they're capable of. The question is which medal it will be.

  5. Rule #1 of WAG: never count Romania out.

  6. Is Porgras training a DTY? Give her that and the girls is unbeatable. Watching her is like watching Dobre all over again (especially considering they both have FTY). Gorgeous gymnastics.

  7. Aside from a few nitpicky things ( slow onodi, lack of amplitude on two footed layouts, leg down turns are kind of fug) Ponor's beam work was really good, and probably EF worthy at Worlds.

    I can't believe Ponor has only been training for a handful of months, what did she do to get in shape so quickly? Or was she working in a home gym and then only moved to Deva in the last few months?

    I have to say that this might be the first Worlds in a long time where there is a more than a two way race for first place. I really haven't followed China enough to figure out how they factor in.