Friday, August 26, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!: Random Edition

Let the good times roll!


My vision of romance.

I. Die.


Gay Rage

Erasing Aly Raisman from my mind:

Holding an edgy and looking very sexy:

The power of the magic scrunchie:

Yes, honey:

America's Own, Michelle Kwan:


  1. Who are you? Get out of my head! These routines and programs are among my favorites. I'm also sure I've probably youtubed most of them fairly recently just to lament where the sports have gone.

  2. AJ has been a Nastia obsessed fan long before he ever began blogging. Learn your shit. She is also exactly the type of gymnast/skater he likes. No ass kissing or selling out. You can say a lot about AJ, but he has been a fan on Nastia for ages. I believe she is his favorite gymnast.

  3. Frankly, I think the Nastia posts need to stop because they make me too depressed. Oh Nastia, why did you leave us? :'(

    Same with Michelle, only Michelle at least stuck around for 3 Olympics instead of doing one, then bullshitting and teasing us mercilessly.

    ...and how do I not remember Skinner? Thank you for waking me the fuck up and educating me AJ. THANK. YOU.

  4. My gosh Skinner was so nice on floor. I wish we still saw choreo like that.

  5. AJ has not always been a Nastia ass kisser. Maybe you should read this blog more. He finally started calling her out then deleted everything after she sent him a tweet. That is the definition of an ass kisser.

    He deleted all the negative TRUE stuff he said about a lot of gymnasts because now he cares more about being their friend then a legit blogger. Someone that tells the truth.

  6. Um.AJ deleted his entire blog which had the stuff on there about her clothing line. He has been obsessed with her for years, long before he ever met her. He talked smack when she didn't go to Worlds and baited us with her big announcement that was a clothing line. He didn't specifically delete anything about Nastia. He also makes fun of Michelle Kwan and is obsessed with her too. You are misguided. If you ever read WWGym, his Nastia love was notorious. Check the archives. You're just being an ignorant troll. There is no one too sacred for AJ to rip on.

  7. Hasn't Nastia been in almost every favorite things? Long before they ever tweeted or went to dinner?

  8. A.J was a Nastia fan but then he started being fair and pointing out her issues. Defending him after he deleted all the negative stuff he wrote so he could be friends with the gymnasts is just plain bull shit.

    A.J is now a Nastia apologist because she pretended to be his friend for awhile to get him to stop saying nasty stuff about her. She did it on purpose and now laughs behind his back since she manipulated him to get what she wanted.

    She did the same thing to the GGMB gang leaders. She now laughs at how you can't say anything bad about her on GGMB or chalkybutt/emmanualle (sp) deletes it.

    She is a manipulative bitch playing so many people and then making fun of them behind their back. It's hilarious to her.

  9. Anon 7:27, if Nastia is laughing behind AJ's back, is that why she tweeted him a couple of days ago? Yeah, she's quite the "manipulative bitch!"

  10. Why do so many care if he sold out or is kissing her ass? Obviously it isn't stopping people from reading here. And I agree - he totally licks her taint, but there's more to his blog than just his Nastia obsession. So he wants to list her in every single favorite things and call her fierce - he'll run out of videos soon enough.

  11. It makes perfect sense. If she is only being nice to him so he won't bag on her then she would continue to be nice to him to get her own way.
    He won't call her out if she thinks he is her friend

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  12. AJ is a sell out. It has been proven.

    Nastia is such a phony. Xoxo? She is such a phony and I now believe that anon.

  13. The funniest thing is he really doesn't think he is an ass kissa.

    Nastia needs to just go away. She is over.and fat.and ugly.and a manipulative bitch. Ask Memmel and Johnson.

  14. Anyone tat thinks Nastia is a great gymnast needs their heads examined.

    Nice lines does not equal great form, technique or execution. Learn the sport or shut up.

    Nastia is known to be nice to people while looking at their face. Then bad mouth them when they are not looking. If you trained at Woga you know this already. It is not a surprise.

  15. I won't name names but a lot of people you think love Nastia don't. Including someone everyone thinks is her good friend. She bad mouths her all the time.

    People see through her facade.