Sunday, August 14, 2011

All That Skate Summer

Kurt Browning remains the greatest male skater in the world.  No one can skate like him.  It doesn't matter how many Olympic Champions are sharing the ice with him, he owns each and every one.

Now that Tessa and Scott have been back on the ice together for a sizable amount of time, they look to be getting in shape and getting it together.  If you don't get excited by seeing Tessa Middleton Virtue do this program, you might not have a pulse.  Note how fabulously stiff Scott Moir's hips are.  I am so glad they've adapted this for the SD, as I was not a big fan of last year's Golden Waltz.  Tessa is getting back into form and is no longer eating eat on the back layout at the end.

Mr. Lambiel continues to come into his own as a show skater.  I must say, I don't miss the crazy costumes that distracted from his beautiful skating.

I hope Shen and Zhao return to Stars on Ice.  I love them and this song.


I judge Yu-Na's people for inviting this slob.  She is one person who time does not cause me to grow fonder of.

Sexy Shae-Lynn.

He is just wonderful.

A rather unimaginative Voir exhibition.

Shae-Lynn should've let Morozov impregnate her so we could call her a MILF already.  Or she should turn cougar.

Chiddy takes five.


This program is pure cheese and I love it so much my snobby ass would eat it out of a can.

Chiddy develops a personality.

Irina causes major acid reflux.

I wonder if they're getting along today.

French flamboyance meets Ray Charles.

It is time to just go with white skates.  The tights over the boots look is so over.


  1. are you going to do a Visas preview post? Hope so! looking forward to your thoughts on the current us girls

  2. Shen and Zhao's table number was genius. They should have teamed up with David Wilson ages ago. Their skating and pairs skills are currently unmatched as is their hot factor.

    Lambiel defines show skater. what edges. what interpretation. what sexiness.

    Voir's number still has not grown on my especially the "Temptation" section. they neglect all hip action there, as if rumbas don't use hips!

    What a really good show. No Johnny? THey should have asked Evan instead.

  3. The Shen and Zhao number is great, but it's certainly quite derivative. See this So You Think You Can Dance routine from a few years back:

    Pretty much a pairs skating copy.

  4. Geez they're on skates; they give an acceptable interpretation on that fact alone. I love Voir's program all of it, I've watched it so many times!

  5. Stephane's Rachmaninoff program was fantastic. He is the best show skater in the world right now.

  6. If only Stephane could have shown some of the same restraint in costuming while he was skating competitively!

  7. I'm sorry, but I totally disagree AJ. Stephane could get away with that shit cause he was such a fabulous skater. I totally love the Magic Zebra, cause I can totally see how someone on an acid trip (or who was European) would think that it is representing Vivaldi's masterpiece... (and he DID skate the shit out of that music). Just cause we live in a society going to hell-in-a-tea-party-weaved-wicker-shitbasket... doesn't mean we need everything to be Victorian on the way. (What would you consider restraint? A red glove that had a name? Swarovski crystal Vera Wang penis snakes? A Royal Purple Spandex top with a V-neck and glitter lace?)

  8. As a Shen & Zhao fan and a SYTYCD fan, that totally made my day. (Although I hope David Wilson asked Mandy Moore about it; there are some passages lifted straight from the original.) Love the way they used the table, though, especially the totally genius quasi-death-spiral.

  9. I never saw Kurt skate competitively, but I have seen him in shows. He is truly the best, in part because he continued to improve in dance, presentation and skating skills as his pro career went along.
    Most pros don't bother. Lambiel is a great talent, but as a pro, sometimes he gets sloppy. I wonder if he will continue to improve as Kurt did?

  10. Such an amazing cast! Particularly, Shen and Zhao and Lambiel. They were something special.

  11. hey please let me show mao's skating.
    she is more beautyful than yuna.
    yuna is ugly