Thursday, August 25, 2011

This and That

Marlie chat with the media at Champs Camp.

Interview with Lucinda Ruh

Catalina Ponor and Marian Dragulescu will return to competition at Romanian Nationals.  Imogen Cairns and Hannah Whelan will compete as guest competitors.

Ricky Dornbush will skate a spaghetti western program this year...was he even alive for the '95-'96 Stars on Ice tour?  Reading between the lines, Tammy Gambill makes it sound like he could be having some serious quad issues this season.

Denney and Coughlin are 'crossing their fingers for Skate America'---as though the USFSA has other options to send.

Adam Rippon spoke to Universal Sports at Champs Camp.

A winning chat with Mirai.

Chatting with Jeremy Abbott

Maia has the standard line nailed: It's really different from anything we've ever done...

Ashley Wagner Interview

Moore-Towers and Moscovitch show their stuff:

Flashback interview with Kerri Strug about her notorious gym-hopping.


  1. "video not available in your country"... anybody care to summarize the mirai interview?

  2. copy paste the link to this site and you can watch it

  3. Mirai is doing a flirtatious tango, but not a sexy tango because she is unfamiliar about such naughty things. She is trying to see what music fits her best and is trying out new things so she can find the best music for the Olympics. She wants to do a consistent triple-triple by Nationals. Conditioning and endurance was a problem last year, but she'll try harder this year. She has a high school diploma. Sometimes Evan Lysacek goes to the rink, and when he's there, he pushes her. He's busy though because he's a celebrity. He might go for a comeback. Her goals this year are to have fun. Her critics say that she hasn't reached her full potential, and she wants to reach her full potential and beyond this year.

  4. Lucinda Ruh sounds so sweet and charming. I'll check her book out when it comes to my library.

  5. 'Having fun' is not a goal.

  6. lol at Mirai. She is so immature for 18 but I completely love her. I know exactly what she means about Evan. Just seeing his practice clips motivated me to hit the rink and push through the whole session without slacking.

  7. Ha! Ha! Like Denney and Coughlin's assignment to Skate America wasn't a forgone conclusion the minute the pairing came about. All the other 'top' teams already have two assignments. Who else could they possibly even send?

  8. thanks anonymous 5:20+6:52

    i'm glad mirai is still trying and all, but this was such a typical interview of her. i agree with the comments saying she's still immature at 18 and that having fun simply isn't high and ambitious enough to be a goal. especially after missing out on nationals last year she has to really work her ass off and she could take a page out of evan's book (as much as i dislike him) it seems she has no self discipline, if she had she wouldn't need anybody to yell at her to do work. i understand she's still a teenager but she's relied so much on that excuse already

  9. I think the "having fun" was in reference to her competitive mindset during events as we all know she has a tendency to freak out

    Or that comment could be in relation to the "potential" comment, as I suspect that Mirai has been burned out for a while and doesn't really enjoy skating all that much but so many people tell her how talented she is, so "having fun" is essential if she's going to stick with the sport and reach her potential

  10. "Having fun" is the standard PR response all American skaters are told to say, since they're giving publicity lessons at Champs Camp. It's so the girls will come off likable and adorable in interviews.

  11. Um, yes, having fun is a goal. Mirai needs to have fun so that she doesn't freak out every time she's in podium position.

  12. Any journalist using a tape recorder should consider retirement. Is that you Lynn Rutherford?