Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gator Chomp!: Think Pink

The Florida Gators posted a 197.500 this weekend and rocked another meet.  Florida is very much THE team of the season.  Of course, the 197.500 has everyone worried that they may peak too soon yet again.  It looks like that may not be the case this season.


Macko is just getting into the lineup on all events.  She hasn't had much time on any events and is really just getting started.  It is refreshing to see how steady she is on beam compared to her elite days.

Marissa King just performed her Tsuk 1 1/2 for the first time.  She is still three weeks away from performed her double layout on floor.

Randy Stageberg is just adding back her Piked Full In on floor.  She flew out of bounds and desperately needs it to score big.

Maranda Smith had the summer off and just got back into gear during the fall, so she is less far along than usual.

Alaina Johnson does limited numbers in training after having a rid injury during the preseason.  The staff is keeping her healthy as she competes this season.  Her beam has been a low 9.8/high 9.7 and she definitely has room for improvement.  The coaches are always working on details with her, so higher scores may be on the way.

Liz Green has been out with a stress fracture in her back, so other girls have been getting chances in the lineup.  They also rested Ashanee on floor and have yet to solidify any lineups.  That could keep things going in the team's favor. Missing Kytra Hunter may actually be helping the team.  Had they had her available, the team would almost have an over-abundance of riches, which gives the coaches of keeping everyone happy and motivated even though everyone will have fewer chances to compete.

Florida will face tougher teams in the next few weeks, which should energize the team and really bring out their competitive spirit.

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  1. I'm curious as to why there is no mention of "home cooking" in Gainesville's scoring? UF has serious gymnastics, but how does Macko score 9.9 on FX with stumbles on two landings? I was disappointed in the routines after reading the scores over the weekend. There's serious talent in Florida, but if they get used to those scores I don't think they'll be able to handle reality when it comes...

  2. Love my Gators but I would have to say there does seem a bit of overscoring going on this meet.

    Can't wait for Friday's meet!!!!

  3. There is home scoring, but then there are other routines that would probably go higher in other arenas. (Like Marissa King on floor)

    There is some definite home scoring at times, but it doesn't diminish the fact that they are the best team in the country right now...by far.

  4. Me again from 7:49 AM - I really want the Gators to do well this season, but I just thought that they'd be better than these routines, I think they are the best on paper and agree that not having Kytra might be a blessing that allows others to compete and gain experience all year. I'm just not totally on board with the "by far"...

    And if Dickerson gets a 10.0 on beam I'm going to have to quick on college gymnastics. Those feet :(

  5. Can't wait for Friday!! Beat them Gators!!
    Let's hope we get Ashanee's judges!! Roll Tide

  6. Because the equally disgusting Morgan Dennis had never been overscored at home?

    It was definitely a high score that I am not comfortable with.

    I find it curious to look at who the judges were. Joan Gnat, the great beamer and Brevet Judge who is also Jeana Rice's mother, was one and Stephanie Kuhlmann, a National Judge, from Alabama.

    Joan tends to go for the Kathy Johnson-type lines and form. I wonder if she was the 9.95 and Stephanie was the 10. I'd be shocked if Joan gave the 10. She typically goes for the performers and the dancers, which I would as well. Ashanee definitely did a great set. She has form issues. If the routine scored a 9.9 or 9.925, we wouldn't be having this conversation. A 9,95 would be a hmm, but whoever gave it a 10 is on crack. Then again, I'd never give her a 9.9 on bars. Ever.

  7. I have this weird feeling Caquatto will win the AA at nationals this year.
    She seems to be getting the scores so early into her college career.
    Her BB has been unusually good when compared to her hit ratio as an elite.

  8. I have a feeling that you're on crack.

  9. I wish they'd label the videoes, all the white (well tan) gaters look the same to me...

    This year might make a gator fan out of me, I always liked Cory Hartung and Catillo and Sinclairs sideline antic cuteness but barely tolerated the rest and Maranda Smith's scholarship hijinks put a bad taste in my mouth. That said bruins 9.7ishness aren't doing it for me this year, especially without Zama.

    Vault looks for for Florida, whoever did that tsuk was sick. They are giving away a lot of tenths in the first half of their bar rotation. Ashanee has Mcullough feet and needs to rotate her hindorf more.

  10. Florida has been getting some generous scoring, that may cause them to drop in team totals in a tougher scoring region. That said, they are the dead-on favorite for the national title.
    But, let's take alaina johnson's 9.925 FX -- a huge cowboy should be deducted, plus flexed feet on the dismount, plus there should be a deduction for use of the floor area (bad choreography -- she only moves up and down the diagonals -- that's an easy fix)

    oh, and please explain to me how Dickerson continues to pull down these huge scores despite the flexed feet, bent knees, insufficient split and general stiffness of movement.

  11. I doubt UF will drop in the rankings, but their average goes down...as it does with most teams for home vs. away. By the time UF has a ton of away meets, they'll be on the road at the end of the season when they'll be closer to post-season performance level. I do think Alabama may challenge them.

    In terms of NCAA judging...they rarely deduct for cowboyed double arabians. It just doesn't happen at any school. The cowboy is bigger than it should be. It would be better if she even put her feet together and kept her knees apart, as people like Terin did.

    I would say that UF doesn't use the floor area well in general, but the NCAA judges don't deduct for that.

  12. NCAA judges are tasked with ranking girls, which is one of the reasons for the high scores. Ashanee was better on beam. Was she a 9.975? Hell no. That said, girls like Ashanee who are more powerful with flexed feet (avoiding stereotypes here), the judges tend to look at the overall power as opposed to nit-picking each leap. It happens and it is why people like Morgan Dennis do the all-around.

  13. I agree with Rich. Caquatto is my bet for the AA at this point. We know she performs under extreme pressure. I love her personality and style as well. I think her beam was way cleaner than Ashanee and thought her little hop on the landing would have afforded her better than a 9.9 score. There was absolutely nothing else in that routine to deduct.