Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 WOGA Classic

The 2011 WOGA Classic is in the books and with it, the early elite season is officially underway.  Most of the girls competing this early are attempting to earn an international assignment in the early Spring.  Ivana Hong did not compete as anticipated.  It appears that Valeri is holding his senior elites out of competition until they are absolutely prepared to make a splash.

Katelyn Ohashi and Madison Kocian were the standout juniors.  Both unveiled numerous upgrades with varying degrees of success.  Jordyn Wieber competed and is noticeably taller than she was a year ago.  While the growth spurt has not been disastrous by any means, she does appear to be in the process of making adjustments to all of her skills.  Gymnastics looks just a tad more difficult for her now.  Lizzy Leduc looks to be improving, but not at the same pace of Ohashi.  That is what happens when you come from GAGE, as opposed to a gym that has shitty technique.

Marine Brevet of France captured the senior title and Katelyn Ohashi captured the junior title.

Katelyn Ohashi's beam routine is the BEST routine of 2011 thus far!  She attempted an upgrade on floor (front layout+double front) but fell.  She also missed her last pass on floor and still won based on the strength of her bar and beam routines.  The girl is a star.

Mykayla Skinner continues to be one of the most horrific, rushed elites I've ever seen.  Even Donna Strauss would likely advise the girl to slow down and learn a little form and technique.

Senior International Elite Results
Junior International Elite Results

An elite qualifier was also held, which Nica Hults competed at despite not having a great level of difficulty or a level 10 season under her belt.

Senior Elite Qualifier
Junior Elite Qualifier

Videos after the jump!

Jordyn Wieber

Katelyn Ohashi

Madison Kocian

Lizzy LeDuc

Briley Casanova

Victoria Moors

Marine Brevet

Mykayla Skinner

Madeline Gardiner

Anysia Unick

Brandie Jay

Mack Brannan

Sophia Lee

Nica Hults


  1. Man Valeri will have his hands full next quad with Ohashi, Kocian and Leduc all pushing each other to success. I'm a little surprised Woga didn't snatch up Nica Hults, they'd be on their way to a four pack, although Nica might not be at the same level of ability yet she's certainly developing quickly.

    I heard Leduc had a hand injury which was why her bars were messy and why she did a watered down dismount.

  2. All I can say is Ohashi knows how to stay on her TOES. That girl has some great basic extension going on. It's awesome. I can't get over her 1/1 dbl pike. Insane dismount... and equally insane that she's connecting an arabian to leaps. That back 1/1 is much more like a whip and what Shawn J's "layout" 1/1 would look like (if we ever get to see it). I also like Jordyn's height. Looks good on her and gives her some much-needed extension.

  3. I like Jordyn's height too. She looks a lot more elegant than before. Anyone know why she only competed 2 events? Is she still recovering from injuries?

  4. That beam routine of Ohashi is insane!!! But she she does not seem like a power gymnast, so I cannot see her keeping some of those skills once she grows up and gets taller, but might as well throw what you can do now! It's not like a layout full or piked full in dismount will even be that necessary later on! A "watered down" set from her may still be amazing!

  5. Ohashi should be enough of a reason to keep Valeri away from the National Team Coordinator position. He's too talented of a coach to just be the overseer!

    I like Jordyn's height too.

  6. Wieber does her full on beam so late in the routine. Really nice. And is the 2.5 twist a new dismount for her? Nice choice... Her consistency would be scary in Team Finals at Worlds, but who doesn't have that problem lately.

  7. I've watched Ohashi's beam routine at least six times! Incredible. Such a star in the making! Hope she stays healthy until 2016.

  8. I like Madison Kocian on beam. Very poised.

  9. Did Caasey Jo Magee qualify elite?

  10. Wow, I am VERY impressed by Ohashi and Kocian

  11. Nice beam set from Lizzy Leduc as well

  12. WOGA needs a new floor choreographer! Kocian's routine looks like Bross's but with more grace. Can't you just see Bross doing the same dance moves that Kocian does after her first pass? Of course, she would do them with less fluidity...

  13. I feel like the moves really suit Kocian's music. She's had this routine for yrs and I like it on her. Now Bross's routine has to go. haha

  14. maaaaaan, Ohashi's beam was awesome!

  15. Weiber used to do a double pike off beam. I am not sure if she switched to doing a 2.5 because of her growth spurt.

    She has always done the back full late in her beam routine.

  16. Weiber's 1/1 is very well done for where it comes in the routine. I don't know of any standing 1/1 that has been that late in a BB routine. They almost always come at the beginning or at least in the front half. You gotta have hella focus to throw that move so late!

  17. And if LeDuc's parents were smart, they would start talking to her about college gymnastics. She is never going to be good enough at elite level to make an Olympic team, but she could probably be a star in college gymn... AND she wouldn't have to pay for school. Much bigger payout than making an Olympic team.

  18. All WOGA choreo looks the same to me and has for the past 5-6 years. Pose, pose, pose, roll on the floor momentarily, pose again. They recycle the same few poses in every routine, despite having dramatically different athletes. It works decently well for someone like Bross who isn't very fluid, but it's obnoxious with someone like Nastia, who could actually handle something more complex.

  19. to whoever asked, no, Casey Jo Magee did not qualify. She came up just short with a 52.55. You need a 53.00.

    All the WOGA kids look alike. They're all interchangeable. None of them have their own inquire style on any event. Sure, Ohashi does harder stuff than the rest of them, but the way she swings bars, the way she does beam and floor, she looks just like all the others. Who look just like Bross. Who looks like a bad Nastia knock-off. Their choreographers clearly aren't even bothering to give a shit any more.

  20. Mister, why the hell would Leduc prep for college now? She's barely out of elementary school. lol. WOGA has to erase yrs of crap technique coming from WGA, but Leduc is already showing nice improvements. Her beam is high level already. She's a baby for pete's sake, don't dismiss her so fast.

  21. Lizzy is about to be 14 (March). By the London Olympics, she'll be 15. At the next Olys, she'll be 19. She was born at the wrong time... period. Plus, by 14, Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, even Nastia Liukin were competing truly elite level skills with dang good polish. It's not practical or healthy to expect Lizzy to make it that long in elite gymn. Focus on getting to college and peaking THEN... not for a Worlds that no one will remember. Again, the payout is much greater if she were to focus on being a college gymn star.