Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicago Style: Level 10 Meet (Featuring Several Elites)

The Chicago Style Level 10 session is the reason the NCAA coaches bring their team to the meet.  The best in the Midwest tend to show up for the meet and show off their stuff with plenty of recruiters on hand.  Current and former elites, as well as Level 10 standouts competed at this year's meet, including: Lexie Priessman, Kayla Williams, Amelia Hundley, Grace Williams, Rachel Spicer and Jessica Howe.  It is noteworthy that the former coaches from Texas Dreams (now at Metroplex) brought their girls to this meet as opposed to their old gym's Texas Prime Meet/Legends Classic.

Videos after the jump!

Lexie Priessman (looking a bit taller)

Amelia Hundley ("One unique thing about Amelia is that she always smiles during her floor routine."-Anne Phillips)

Kayla Williams  (Ready For Bama!)

Grace Williams

Rachel Spicer

The lovely Jessica Howe


  1. Kayla is impressive given how husky she is, a lot of grit that girl has!

  2. Anon... I think you mean she has a lot of wasted natural talent. Let's be honest.

  3. Well At least her leaps have gotten better under CGA...that's about it

  4. Kayla's vault looked very...not like her. It's crazy that a girl that can vault like she did in 09 vaults like that now. What happened to her power?

    Since when did Lexie Priessman go level 10? She is one of the last people I would have expected that from. Kind of crazy that a girl with that skill level would downgrade so much seemingly for no reason? No elite aspirations anymore? Seems way too young to make that decision.

  5. she has elite aspirations. she's just choosing to fill her competitive season up a little bit more. and you'll notice that she added many of her elite upgrades, like the standing full on beam, in even though JO doesn't need them. she'll be at Visa's.

  6. hmmm, i like amelia's fx but not so much for lexie. it all made sense though! have you seen nina mcgee's fx? she's the other black girl that cheers them on, she's on the side in kayla's vaults. her fx is all about the beat - or her old one was. i feel like amelia and lexie's have ones that are so fast paced and allow for dancing to be hand waving hit hit hit. i dunno, amelia's works for her but soemthing about lexie's isnt rubbing me quite right.

  7. It's very common for the Elite gymnasts to do Level 10 sessions at local meets. I doubt Preissman will be done with elite any time soon :)