Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Florida @ Georgia TV Broadcast

Finally, the TV Broadcast of the much-talked-about meet.


  1. Florida definitely looks like the team to beat at this point in the season! If they can stay healthy and pace themselves, they have a great shot to win their first national title. Their form and skills make them enjoyable to watch, and as Suzanne pointed out, they have top difficulty on floor.

  2. That Worley BB score... such shit. Whatever.

    As for Florida, why do they always act so hood in their FX routines? That had never made any sense to me. It's so tacky.

    And if Shayla's FX routine is Jay's favorite routine EVER in college gymn, that says a lot about his taste and his perception... and explains much about why UGA has been sucking wind ever since Yoculan retired.

  3. did anyone notice that Macko said that she likes being on a team where people actually support her routines and appreciate her being there??? LOL so much for all the love at Karolyi Ranch!!! NCAA gymnastics needs a better balance of difficulty and execution in scoring

    BTW MUCH better w/o Bart Conner MORE Suzanne!!!

  4. Totes agree about more Suzanne. Her comments have a level of insight than only she (or maybe Val) could provide. She's also not afraid to talk smack about how certain athletes (e.g. Ashanee) once performed. Nothing like a backhanded compliment! Love her!

  5. Suzanne makes it SO MUCH more interesting. Cathy Johnson says the same bland BS over and over...They need her to step it up more too, but the two of them could have really awesome rapport...Suzanne knows why things don't score higher and awesomely points that out FOR EVERYONE!!! Plus she calls out Rhonda Fein on her balance beam strategy almost like she thinks its brilliant, just enough to score a 10 if executed well... LOVE IT plus she's so engaging, and has such passion for women's college gymnastics.