Friday, June 8, 2012

This and That

It is always fun when gymnast exaggerate the amount they eat for the general public.  Good that Gabby knows her sponsors and loves Kelloggs.  Next thing you know Nastia will love the combo of water and 'air' available on at Subway.  If anyone can ever find it, there is a photo of Dominique Moceanu and Karl Malone from Sports Illustrated For Kids where she is eating half the pantry for breakfast...eggs, several muffins, toast, fruit, cereal, etc.

Dominique Moceanu reveals a secret sister tonight on 20/20...a sister who was given up for adoption because she had no legs.

Nastia Liukin's interview with Piers Morgan airs tonight at 9 p.m.

Nastia reveals she will upgrade her bar routine.

Michelle Kwan reveals she is an introvert and has been offered a spot on DWTS several times.

Danell Leyva after leading night one.

Horton queened out before the meet.

Steve Legendre after night one.  He is the king of inconsistency.

Orozco wishes he could vault like ASac.

Mikulak after night one.


  1. I never know if you are serious? No legs? Shannon with a wig?

  2. Uhm, yes, the baby had no legs... that's why it was given up for adoption; and, yes, Shannon had chemo, got bald and now wears wigs. A quick google search will tell you both of these facts.

  3. Had to pick my chin up off the floor when I read that story about Moceanu's sister.

  4. Correction: Future Jersey Shore cast member (AKA Paul Ruggeri) is the king of inconsistency.

  5. And was Mikulak high during his interview? It reeks of pot head.