Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Professional Champion

Jeff Buttle is KILLING IT as a professional skater and is currently one of the most sought after skater for shows all around the world. Jeffy is a versatile artistic skater with skills only a Canadian could possess.

The real 2010 Olympic Champion recently performed with Stars On Ice Japan, Canadian Stars On Ice, and at Medalist On Ice in South Korea.

My future husband has never looked better or happier. While not training triple axels may have something to do with it, Jeffy exudes Mirai levels of joy when he performs. A true classy pro skater, he is reminiscent of the Browning/Boitano/Yamaguchi era.

Sympathy for the Devil is fun, energetic and flirty, while the Glenn Gould Selection is classical skating at its best. His sense of flight is outdone only by Michelle Kwan and Janet Lynn.

Oh Jeff, it should've been you atop the podium in Vancouver. Hell, I certainly like to imagine you were.


  1. He really is the 2010 Olympic Champion. We missed you, JButt!

  2. And to think, he was going to slave away getting an Engineering degree from UofT and go into the family business... Instead, he gets to do what he loves and just live the life! GO JEFF! 2008 World Champion, 2010 Olympic Champion (in our hearts)

  3. Yes, we missed Jeff. I wish he had continued after 2008. His programs continue to be some of the best, and he really knows how to perform and sell his choreography. He reminds me of Kurt Browning in that regard.

  4. I really hope there is a new wave of pro skating coming. REAL pro skating..where your performance is your livelyhood. Being a professional use to hold some weight. You use to have to WORK at it. I hope they bring back a pro comp. Give something to work for other then the hope of getting invited to a random show. I wish they could bring the supermatch comps to the US.

    I was at SOI san jose and wow you can really tell who are pros and who just gets invited to fill a spot. I don't pay to see some random national medalist or someone who randomly medals at a grand prix. I came to see a professional skate and entertain, someone who has polish and cares about their programs. Not someone who just fills the off season with learning how to perform for an audience. And being a pro isn't a fit for everyone but everyone seems to be treated like one. I don't get it. Granted there are some who aren't professionals who I adore but it took them years to create it. Anyway, rant off. I just really miss what SOI use to be. What pro skating use to be.

    I love this performance! I wish he skated more in the US..and kwan, yags and a few others. They would sell tickets in a heartbeat!

  5. Why did World Pros stop after 2002? I thought the whole pairs scandal reheated attention to skating? Is it because of the pro-am rule?

    If a World Pro was to be held this year they really could have Kwan, Slutskaya (really pregnant?), Butyrskaya, Arakawa, Cohen and even Hughes there. I am sure the older ladies can't do complete lps anymore, but a sp and an interpretive free sounds doable.

    Have there been pro comps since COP came into place though?

  6. I definitely had to take a moment to compose myself when I found out he performed his Glenn Gould Tribute in Korea.

    Oh Jeff, you could have taken the big one home.

  7. Sweet Jeebus, he pulled out the Glenn Gould again?

    I DIE.

  8. Jeff Buttle, Plushenko and Takahashi podium... if only. It's too depressing to think about who ACTUALLY won gold.

  9. There is no doubt in my mind he could have won the 2010 olympics with his 2008 worlds performance. I almost feel sorry for him that he was the first world champ in 10 years to win without a quad because he got a lot of flack even from fellow skaters and now they are copying him!!!!! Almost all of the top skaters are trying to copy him now. Even the up and comers like Brezina are a shamless copy. In his last season as a amateur he altered the sport-now winners don't do quads and pattern there programs after his with where the jumnps are and artistry.

  10. I have to admit that Jeff Buttle did a great performance in your vid. Not bad. His jumps weren´t bad either. And what I liked most is that he seemed to have fun.
    Looking up his page I saw he won Canada´s National a few times and the World Championship one time (and some GP here and there). Seems to me you don´t need to have thousands of medals under your belt to have a great pro career and being able to entertain the audience...and I mean really entertain the audience. Who else is or would be good as a pro skater(in your opinion) apart from Christi and Jeff?

  11. Jeff is a great skater and certainly would have been a worthy opponent at the Olys.

    Having said the above, I have to admit that his skating doesn't move me. I enjoy watching him skate and can admire his skill, but he lacks what I consider to be genius, or in other words the quality that make and "artist that moves". Watching him skate is not a transformative experience. It is like watching a really good ballet dancer who gives an enjoyable performance, vs. watching a genius who moves such as Nureyev or Baryshnikov.

    IMHO, the two skaters who currently bring the most soul to their skating are Daisuke Takahashi and Johnny Weir. Out of these two men, it is my opinion that Johnny is the artistic and creative genius. However, they both skate with a passion that comes from becoming at one with the music.