Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This and That

Jennifer Capriati's roller coaster life continues, as she is in the hospital after suffering an accidental overdose via prescription drugs. Capriati admits to suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts. Jennifer's ex, Dale DaBone, blames a 'perfect storm' for her downward spiral. He blames her ailing tennis career, sports-related injuries for which prescription meds were prescribed and her hysterical reaction to his decision to return to the porn industry to film Batman XXX: A Porn Parody. Jennifer and Dale dated for six years. He has previously starred in 443 adult films.

Adam Rippon is one of the most buzzed about skaters in the world. With his great all-around skating, beautiful spins, natural line and Rippon Lutz, much has become expected of him. Adam has worked with the best: first Morozov and now Orser/Wilson/Wilson. Last season, his music choices were relatively unique.

Following several buzzed about performances that demonstrated his competitive mettle,(2008 Junior Nationals, 2008 Junior Worlds, 2009 Junior Worlds, 2010 Four Continents, 2010 Worlds), Adam is going the route of using Sasha Cohen-level warhorses for the new season. For his short he'll be skating to Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet and his long will be performed to Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2. While both are great pieces of music, Adam is opening himself up to a great deal of criticism to performing to such common skating music.

Adam's interest in Piano Concerto No. 2 appears genuine. It is a phenomenal piece and he claims that he listens to it every day. In many ways, Adam's programs could serve as a test of how good a choreographer David Wilson actually is. IJS technical components may limit Wilson's creativity, but this will serve as a test of whether Adam and David can create a truly unique and memorable program.

Adam is vowing to include a Quad Toe in his long program this season. We saw him training it during his monitoring session last summer. It is really imperative for Adam to have a good season and prove himself once again. Adam is known for bringing it at the big international events, but medaling at the Grand Prix is something that he needs to accomplish this year. (Read about his programs.)

Team Orser is doing its best to pace Christina Gao. My adopted daughter will once again skate on the Junior Grand Prix. Already becoming a 'name' skater, Christina will be expected to win her events this year. Skating on the JGP could test and fortify her mental strength. This season, my adopted daughter will be skating to the beloved Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto for her short program and Yellow River Piano Concerto for her long. While I am so over each and every Chinese and/or Chinese-American skater performing to Yellow River, Christina earns brownie points with me for re-watching Michelle Kwan's performances repeatedly on youtube (just like her daddy!) Christina, who I've always felt resembles MK prior to the artistic transformation, is working on achieving MK levels of polish and artistry this season. Both Rippon and Gao work on spins and jumps with specialists and are improving their stroking lessons under the tutelage of Tracy Wilson. Christina will be performing a triple flip-triple toe in both programs and a double axel-triple toe in her long. She plans to unveil at least one program at Skate Detroit. (Read about her upcoming season.)

Obama has once again named Michelle Kwan and Dominique Dawes to his Presidential Council on Fitness. This is definitely a decision that we can all agree with.

Venus Williams is out of Wimbledon after suffering her worst loss in history at the tournament. This definitely puts her career prospects in question. Grass is her best surface and this was the only Slam she really had a chance of winning. Serena is through to the semis and looks on track to repeat as Champion. In a great upset, Serena and Venus are out of the doubles tournament after falling to Vesnina and Zvonareva in three sets. This should only fuel Serena to kick some serious ass tomorrow. Serena responds to upsets like a rabid dog. They had to kill Old Yeller for acting that way. Watch out!

Lauren Mitchell is out of the Aussie Championships with an adductor muscle injury. The injury affects her splits and leaps, but she expects to be fully recovered to participate in this fall's World Championships. It has been a year of injuries for Lauren since last year's Worlds.

Anne Phillips filmed at the Region 3 College Bound Training Camp, which included Rachel Spicer and Mackenzie Brannan as participants. Rachel is working on adding a double layout to her floor routine, while Mackenzie is working on adding all sorts of moves that look out-of-reach for a girl with such a slight frame. Mackenzie remains a red flag for the injury bug/puberty monster. Rachel continues to be one of the top NCAA recruits.


  1. If Rippon wanted Piano Conerto #2 for the free they should have done something more original for the SP. Romeo and Juliet could have been the 2011-12 Freeskate. Between Gao's choices and those I wonder if David Wilson has any more of his famous originality left.

  2. Rumors are also swirling that Rachel Spicer has gone to Metroplex. Any thoughts or inside info, Aunt Joyce?

  3. A lot of those male porn actors give off a creepy, gay vibe to me (and no, I'm not equating gay with creepy). I'm not familiar with Capriati's ex., but I'd put money on that relationship being of the Nadia/Bart variety. Al Reynolds must have smiled upon the relationship.

    There is also the possibility of Capriati's former union being straight Jada Pinkett/Will Smith style.