Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exceptional Gay Moment

I just have to say that on the day I decide to take a hiatus, Michelle Kwan announces that she, Sasha Cohen and Yu-Na will be performing together in Korea. AND Michelle will be performing new programs. I mean come on universe, I WANTED to take a break and not be seen as some drama queen threatening to stop the blog, but MK+Yu-Na+Sasha+New MK Programs= Magic.

I can't even wonder what the music choices will be. Obviously, they'll be wonderful. I hope one of them is terribly depressing like Winter, Dante's Prayer, Winter Song, etc.

And who will be choreographing this masterpiece? Did we ever find out who did her programs that she performed last year?

Joining the three divas will be Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, John Zimmerman, Min-Jung Kwak, Silvia Fontana, Belgosto, Haejin Kim, Savchenko and Szolkowy and Sale and Pelletier.

The show will take place July 23-25 and is titled 'All That Skate.' (Stop look and watch. Ready yet? Get set. It's ALLLLL THAT....sorry, had to!)

To end this utterly random post, I have to say that I had it out with Alex Forrest the other night for making one of the MEANEST comments possible. Alex Forrest knows that unless I'm bitching about MK leaving Frank, I just won't speak ill of her. Thus, he is always trying to bait me. The little twit actually referred to Michelle Kwan's Salt Lake City exhibition (which admittedly still makes me cry like a good Meryl Streep film), as Fields of Bronze.

If I could've reached through the phone line, I surely would've slapped that bitch across the face. I'm still REELING over it.

Oh Michelle, just when I think I'm leaving, you pull me back in for more!


  1. I'm not surprised at all that you've decided to stage some sort of 'intervention' at this point. It's ok to take a step back and re-assess.

    As for your deleting the old blog, I'm of two minds. On one hand, we won't be able to re-read our favorite posts (mine was the whole Vancouver Olys season).

    On the other hand, it's like you're getting a brand-new start. You answered 6,000+ questions on your formspring since early this year. The blog and the Q&A have taken up your life. It's certainly taken over mine (what can I say, I love you and your snarkiness). You've been discussed on various fan forums by fans of all stripes. ontd_skating DISCOVERED you (eek). You've been besieged by the sincerely curious fans, the disingenuous twits, the narrow-minded trolls. You definitely deserve a break and focus on real life.

    Deleting the old blog may actually the best thing for all of us in the long run. Perhaps this time will be better. Letting go--can you breathe now, AJ? :)

    More power to you.


  2. I am so not gonna lie, I'm totally someone who would have made the "Fields of Bronze" joke. I make terrible, terrible (some would say "mean") jokes.

  3. welcome back!

    Her sister choreographed winter. Not sure who did the other one.

  4. Dave I kind of wish you didn't delete your old blog, lots of great times back there. But oh well, what's done is done.

    And obviously Michelle Kwan had to pull you back in for more. You can check out any time you want but you can never leave.

    till next we meet. - Jess

    (ps good move to keep it anonymous free, those anon posters were no fun)

  5. yes!! i am so glad i found you again. gotta say my heart stopped for a minute when it said ur blog was deleted. ur info and attitude are unmatched and i think ur hilarious. looking forward to this new blog even if ur not writing as much right now =)

  6. Glad that you are still here, AJ! I always look forward to your posts.

  7. All the tears in this world will not make those fields grow into gold. Sorry AJ. It's bronze. Fields o' bronze. Blame her for eschewing a real coach and having Danny be her 'official' coach.

  8. I can't go a day without my AJ fix. Glad you are back Dave. Your knowledge of skatenastics is second to none. And your sense of humer = pricless!

  9. Ditto the above - my heart skipped a few beats when I came back from vacation and the blog was gone. Glad you're back!

  10. I missed your snarkiness and skatenastics news! Welcome back!!! =D

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