Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Music of Mao Asada


  1. I am pleased beyond words. This is what should have happened last year.

  2. I'm thrilled with her music choices and if her exhibition is a taste of what she's bringing to the table, she's going to have a breath-taking LP this coming year...

  3. Forgot to add: DAMN! That's a pretty pic of her!

  4. I have listened many song of Mao Asada and even I have a huge collection of her songs that I like. She have very nice gift of god for singing so that every one likes to hear her.
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  5. the picture was from Vogue june/2010 issue....

    and yes, those people who keeps cracking bad, disgusting comments on Mao's music choices last year will be eating bananas for sure. ;-)
    her Liebestraume is breathtakingly beautiful!
    i can't wait! ;-))