Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 World Championships Pairs Recap

Our recap of the pairs event at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships.


  1. Watching pairs, I loved how V/T & the Cdns (both teams) demonstrated maturity in both their skating & performance skills over the past few years.

    Pang & Tong & K/S have just looked to be skating in pain in the past few years. Is it just hunger and deteriorating knees?

    Love that Max Trankov is the bigger diva.

    S/S are always hit or miss for me. This year was a total miss and I was frankly confused seeing them on the podium when I found their whole performance a bit of a clusterfuck.

    Cannot wait to see you interview Bezic!

  2. I thought Aliona and Robin were lackluster and heavy in their skating. And they can't land a side-by-side jump with any consistency. Him especially.

    I would have put the Canadians in second too. Germans got it because of reputation but they had better not rely on that for the Olympics. Canadians are making a statement!

    Alexa and Chris--if they add some layers to their skating, I think they can be competitive. They can at least surpass Denny/Caughlin. I hope. Maybe Brubaker and his new partner will be amazing and snag the other spot.

  3. That S/S's Bolero was a creative mess is putting it mildly. But I suppose all is forgiven with that throw 3A. Aliona is delightfully badass. I'm sure she would have no qualms about skating on a broken leg if it meant the difference between gold and silver.

    Agreed about D/R. Although I'll be the first to admit I prefer the Germans in general, I'm not so sure the 3A alone was enough to merit placing ahead of the Canadians (Meagan's raggedy landings and all).

    I love V/T's basic skating, but I continue to find Max's drama infinitely more compelling than the programs that they put out. Hopefully they'll give us something more intriguing for Sochi. Their LP wasn't particularly interesting to watch although was lovely in its execution.

  4. I can't I'm surprised hearing about the Pang and Tong on tour, but it's still shocking to hear.

  5. I love how Dave crushes on Eric Radford and Jenny crushes on his hair.

  6. I am glad that Jenny told the truth about the Chinese pair girls and their eating habits. It is something we have all suspected or heard whispers about for a long time.

    1. Agreed. I find people who want to silence any discussion of body weight so insufferable. They have good intentions, but in sports, your body is an instrument, and weight/muscle/fitness will be discussed. The idea that mentioning that the Chinese are too thin is somehow fostering body image issues in girls is just ludicrous. Everyone can see that they're too thin, and I'm sure their coaches are the first to take their food away. It's not like Pang is putting down a cupcake because she heard Dave and Jenny comment on her figure.

  7. This recap had me in stitches! Great work!

  8. Well, duh, did anyone really think Pang could be THAT skinny just from skating/working out/eating right? She's obviously not eating much, but I think she used to look even skinnier. I still like the fact that Jenny mentioning it. The better jumpers in pairs are not stick thin, and it would be nice if the Chinese & Bazarova would catch on to that. I'm guessing that Bazarova keeps herself that thin because she knows her jumping technique is awful. She needs to start over ala Caroline Zhang because she has great potential.

    I didn't mind Aliona & Robin's program despite their horrifying version of Bolero. I was impressed that even after flubbing the jumps, she still had the guts to go for that throw at the very end.

    I hope Tatiana & Max can have a little more complex programs for next year, but the basic skating quality is still amazing and it's great when they are on.

    The Canadian teams both have insane jumping ability and good performance quality. Sketchy landings aside, I was very impressed with how they performed here. You can tell they've worked on their program components. I think they'll just keep pushing each other to get even better. D/R don't have the skating skills of the S/S, but I think they deserved that extra point that would have put them ahead.

  9. I just wish V/T had someone like Moskvina as their coach. She could really let them reach their full potential, and they could finally have the elegant, complex programs they deserve.

  10. I had never liked D/R - found her pretty off-putting - but I really enjoyed their SP - thought it was the best choreography of the pairs event - and finally she's getting decent styling. I don't know if I'll ever think they seem 'right' together, but whatever. I realized in the LP - she looks like she just kind of tolerates all the skating around and really lives for being hurled in the air. Kind of funny and probably a great quality for a ladies pair skater.

    I intensely dislike V/T's SP and don't like their LP. Both seem like relics of the 80's or 90's. Between a break, Latvian TV showed their EX from last year where both were styled as kind of emo 20-somthings that seemed a lot more apt to me. Why do Russians so often try to make their skaters look like 45 year olds? Yes, their technical merit is beautiful, but wish they'd find some better concepts.

    S/S - WTF happened to them? Due to limited exposure to skating in the past, I have only been watching them since 2008 - and I had thought they were so good, but those routines were both terrible. At least they toned down the horrific costumes from earlier this season, but geesh.

    KmT/M - They may have some talent but they have such mundane taste in just about every respect I find it hard to enjoy anything they do.

    S/K were - not bad. Here's hoping they'll improve.

    So bummed about Caitlin losing another partner. Had it in the back of my mind it might be cool if she could pair up with Tran but guess that is not going to happen.

    Sad too, to hear about poor Pang. Don't really know what to say but :(

    1. So in other words, you hated the entire pairs event.

      Seriously? Tran would have to lift Caitlin. He's really not that big or tall and she's not that tiny. Your description of Duhamel in the LP was amusing though. Still, D/R have come a long way in a short time. I agree their SP was probably the best choreographed program of the event. And it took me a little while to warm up to it, but I ended up really appreciating MT/M's SP. S/K are actually gonna use their choreographer next year. I'm interested to see if more choreo helps eliminate any of that cumbersome feeling to S/K's skating. Their programs were pretty basic this year, but everything in between the elements just looked uncomfortable

    2. "So in other words, you hated the entire pairs event."

      D/R's SP was the only real bright spot IMO. V/T's elements were awesome but for me it can't obscure their tacky programs.


      I admit, I have no concept of skater's sizes. I just like both skaters and was really sad when they lost their partners.

      "S/K are actually gonna use their (MT/M's) choreographer next year."


  11. I just feel when you are obviously being pushed out or down it affects your mind and you just don’t do as well. I think it’s happened to Aliona /Robin and Yuko/Alexander. I didn't enjoy the pairs this year...ugh.

  12. Kavaguti and Smirnov are the Baldwin/Inoue of the Russian team. They got some medals in the off years, but aren't going to medal at a major competition again. Sad for her and for Moskvina who is teh awesome, but unless the rest of the field comes down the flu, they ain't getting near the podium again.

  13. Jenny thank you so much for bringing up some pair girls are too skinny especially Pang and Vera. You need nutrition and muscle strength. Being hungry hurts the mind too. I think Alissa and Johnny Weir should think of this too.
    Jenny, who would take Pang's food away on tour? You didn't clearly say, did you mean her partner, Tong did it?
    If so, that is even more disgusting!
    Keep up the good work.

  14. She said Tong took away the food. It was well known on tour at the time.

    1. Thank you maybe my video skipped at that point. That is so disgusting and no wonder she hasn't the heart for the sport. I think she had some injuries too which I guess they made her pretend didn't interfere. I think she planned to marry this Tong character, right? Sad.

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