Sunday, March 10, 2013

Favorite Things: Sunday Night Edition

Toe point + Landings + Gorgeous = Mmmmm.


The start of brilliance.

British sass at its best.

A glorious moment (s).

Worthy on a 10 in my book.

It never gets old.

Best pro in the business.

Looking better than ever!

How to stick with style!



  1. Nice to see some favorite things again!

    I had not seen that V/M routine - what can I say - just breathtaking.

    Those are twizzles Buttle is doing at 3:52, right? Really nice, wish more singles skaters would do them.

  2. FYI there is a long article on the bolshoi attack in the new yorker

  3. Love Dante’s Prayer. I don’t know why I’m still not tired of it. That beginning backward edge. You pretty much list all my fav skaters. V/M are awesome but I just can't be a fan of Scott Moir.

  4. I remember being pissed at Dick Button and Paul Wylie at the 2008 Worlds for being so surprised Buttle won. Anyone who could count knew Joubert left points on the table by only doing one combo and only repeating one triple. Buttle's win wasn't the fluke everyone made it out to be.

  5. I admit I haven't followed V/M closely but FWIW they have not really wowed me since Mahler. Watching this skate from 2008 just confirms that. Is it just me or have they lost a ton of speed and magic? If they were still skating like this I would adore them but FF was a huge bore and Carmen is just a rehash of modern dance from the 1930s.