Sunday, October 3, 2010

French Masters' Vids

Joubert's Free Skate (1st Place)

Amodio's Free Skate (2nd Place)

Preaubert's Free Skate (3rd Place)

Pechalat and Bourzat's Free Dance

Bring on the season!


  1. I don't know if you want to note this, but while Joubert was first overall and Amodio second, the order was actually flipped in the LP - Joubert won on the strength of his SP, which has yet to appear online.

  2. God, I can't wait for Joubert to retire. Some people never know when to quit.

  3. After Matrix Joubert stop growing artistically. Now you can only take Joubert in short spurts. Maybe that's why he's short programs are much better although that gyrating stuff is so not my taste. I don't get why those people scream over it because he just looks silly.

  4. Brian Joubert is only enjoyable when he works out on a treadmill in just his underwear. Other than that...meh. Give me Florent Amodio and his delightful, fabulous Frenchness any day!