Sunday, October 3, 2010

Favorite Fluff: 1994 Olympics

"I am from in Odessa."

Yes, this is a terribly sad story, but let's just point out that the girl can MOVE on the dance floor! 2 Legit 2 Quit!!

(For those who are unaware, Oksana reunited with her father in 2003 and said that she 'knew in her heart' he was alive all along. She also knew she was Jewish, despite her love of signing the cross. She has since embraced her Jewishness and exploited it at every possible chance.)

This practice video is another personal favorite. Tonya's valiant work ethic was triumphantly on display for the world to see. Nancy was badass by hitting that spiral on the music. As always, any interview with her is worth watching. It was LOADED with attitude. God, I love bitches!


  1. also, damn nancy! that lutz was so pretty when she landed it. but that delay always scared the shit outta me. rotate sooner, bitch! my 11 year heart skipped many a beat.

  2. awww i'm so happy we're close to the same age and u post all these 94 fluffs. i fell in love with figure skating then... the drama, the beauty! lmfao about the cross.

  3. check out the mass accent coming out @ 0713 with fastttaaa! haha

  4. Surya's leotard didn't really cover her ass in that last video. You just don't see shit like that nowadays.

  5. No wonder her excessive shmaltz and self-tagging bugged me back in the day. She collaborated with an über-famous fashionista designer recently, if memory serves.

    Your blog is fanta-bulous, btw.