Sunday, October 3, 2010

This and That

The skaters and gymnasts hung out in the locker room prior to the Skatenastics Craptacular.

Yu-Na Kim spoke to Universal Sports about training for Worlds and living in LA. (Video)

Michelle Kwan just nailed another double axel and triple toe during Sunday's All That Skate. Girl's still got it!

Nobunari Oda is officially a father! He and his wife welcomed Shintaro into the world this weekend.

Brian Joubert aims to be the first skater to have won every Grand Prix event.

Savchenko and Szolkowy's second performance from All That Skate:


  1. Aliona and Robin are truly special. They so kicked Shen and Zhao's butts artistically here.

  2. I really like that Aliona and Robin program!

  3. I liked parts of Aliona/Robin's program. The throw DA was timed perfectly to the music. But other parts like rolling on the ice at the beginning left me saying huh? I do like them and look forward to seeing their competitive programs this season.

  4. MK actually popped a 2A during No One, but she brought it back during Winter Song.

    Chan went for a 4T but UR'd it and stepped out.

    Stephane Lambiel, Michelle, and Shen/Zhao were the stars of today's show.

  5. that's probably the second show, michelle was clean during the first night's show.

    I was enraged to read a tweet by a korean american guy who was like "yuna kim amazing blah blah, michelle kwan is old and washed up". typical korean who wouldn't give a rat's ass about skating besides yuna, if he wanted to fap to her he could've done it at home through youtube. has no respect for someone who is yu-na's idol.

    he also made typical lame comment wondering why a male skater would choose to become a skater. of couuuuurse for a girl to do twirly feminine skating is soooo normal but for a guy he can't fathom omg why?!?! poor confused hetero

  6. Dear Anonymous above,

    The pathetic tweet guy you quoted is neither a figure skating fan nor a fan of any figure skater. Producing or spreading hateful remarks serves no one.

    The show was great. It was filled with professionalism, hard-work, artistry and friendship.

  7. To October 3, 2010 10:35 PM Anonymous:

    You must be very young and/or just immature. While I agree that the guy's comments are pathetic, I find it odd that you would choose to vent about it here...honestly, why do you give a rat's ass about one random idiot's tweet?

    Also, I find your "typical Korean" comment to be offensive and a proverbial case of one bigoted pot calling another bigoted kettle black.

  8. Why tweet about skating when not a fan not knowing what's going on with skaters to know if someone is washed up or not. Anyhoo loved Michelle's Winter Song. I love S/Z and S/S.

  9. I wrote about it here because aunt joyce has shared some of my sentiments in the past. I'm not speaking for all korean skating fans but the vast majority of them are here for yu-na and yu-na only. that guy's tweet is the epitome of it all, he came only for yu-na and had to bash everyone else in the process. there's a pattern here..

  10. Whoa, Meryl looks like the tallest on the bunch in the first picture and then the most starved in the second one. How is it that everyone else looks so busty in that 2nd pic but she doesn't?

  11. Dear Anonymous (October 3, 2010 10:35 PM)

    Life can be difficult.
    But, don't let yourself become a hater. Don't relate it to AJ nor to the fans of any nationality or ethnicity. Forget the guy you quoted. Your interpretations came from your own heart. No one is perfect. But let's not hate.

  12. I kinda like Flatt's new do.