Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This and That

Gabby Douglas rehearses the pledge at the Democratic National Convention.  I believe currently-competing gymnasts are political about as much as I believe that they are capable of reading above the fifth-grade level.

Genrikh Stretenski (of Annenko and Stretenski) was arrested for improper conduct while coaching in Lake Placid. He denies the claims, though the article lacks specifics. One can only imagine what he did.

Preview of Season 3 of Downton Abbey. Ah, how I long for its return way more than the next TV appearance by Gabby or Jordyn.

Adelina Sotnikova at the Open Moscow Championships. Adelina is sloppily letting her upper body fall as she does her footwork, which is one of my major pet peeves from the Russian ladies. It is a sure sign that they are doing singles because they aren't fabulous enough for pairs or dance. The former Junior World Champion still looks to be adjusting to a maturing body. The sparkle is largely gone.

Nastia Liukin's next move. With her bitch face and tenacity, I think she will make quite the agent or sports executive.

Which celebs Gabby, McKayla and Kyla hope to meet at the VMAs.

McKayla proved she had the best arm of the Fierce Five when she threw her pitch for the LA Dodgers.

A good interview with the lovely Kayla Nowak who has been a major contributor to OU and quite the supporter of her boyfriend Jake Dalton. Kayla hopes to lead her Boomer Sooners back to the Super Six this year and it looks like they have the talent to get it done.

Brittany Rogers is not joining the Gym Dogs until after Christmas. This will either be really good or really bad for the team. It is always an extreme.

Dare Maxwell trains a Shaposh Half


  1. Did Gabby borrow McKayla's dress from the MTV commercial?

  2. that is not a shaposh half! It is a maloney half. Which I will forever call a Harris. Though I actually have no idea when Van Leuwen competed it.

    1. Van Leeuwen started competing it in early 2004. I know she did it at Cottbus and in Amsterdam and Athens that year.

    2. Nicole Harris competed it at the parkettes invite in 2004. I think that was probably the earliest for her. Too bad she never made it to a big international event. So much talent at that time for the USA. Especially on bars. Strange to think we were a force on the event at that time. The 10.0 max was certainly good to us.

  3. ^ Speaking of which, what is the difference between a Shaposh and a Maloney? I've also heard a Maloney called a "toe-on Shaposh" (I believe) so I'm quite confused as to what a regular Shaposh is.

    1. A regular Shaposh is from a free hip.
      A Shaposh half (free hip to half) is a Khorkina.

      A toe on Shaposh is a Maloney.
      A Maloney with a half twist is a Van Leeuwen.
      A Maloney with a full twist is a Seitz.

      A stalder Shaposh is a Chow.
      I think the stadler Shaposh half is named for Mustafina, but I'm not positive.

      An inside stalder Shaposh is a Komova II.
      An inside stalder Shaposh is a Komova.

      I think those are all the named variations. A JO gymnast did a beautiful Shaposh full, but to my knowledge, it has never been submitted in FIG competition.

    2. I meant, "An inside stalder Shaposh half is a Komova."

  4. a shaposh is from a free hip. they were very popular around 1996.

  5. i didn't see anything wrong with Adelina

  6. Haters gonna hate. "Enjoy your gold and disappear" Actually she won TWO gold medals

  7. I can't decide which program is a hotter mess, Sotnikova's "Burlesque" or Makarova's "Marilyn"?

  8. Maxwell is also training a Downie which is an F.



  10. she can win all the gold at fort knox doesn't change the fact that she's the ugliest form of any gold medal floor winner. her tv appearances make her look desperate. so not natural, unlike gabby or mckayla

  11. I don't understand.... what is Dare Maxwell doing with her gymnastics career? Is she gonna go elite again?

  12. Anon @ 5:16, you fail to recognize a lot of hideous form gold medalists then. Let's name a few, just to help educate you:

    Izbasa (2012 VT)
    Ponor (2004 FX)
    LePennec (2004 UB)
    Zamolodchikova (2000 FX)
    Zamolodchikova (2000 VT)

    I'll stop there. And if you are talking about tumbling form, Aly's was top notch. You're an idiot if you think otherwise. Yeah, her leaps lack a lot of form, but that doesn't negate her prowess as the best tumbler of this quad (which is inarguable based simply on her skill repertoire and execution).

    Sometimes it's best to just shut the fuck up if you don't know what you're talking about.

  13. Who is Dare Maxwell, and how much is the mother paying you to post things about an bloody redundant gymnast?

  14. You are too generous to Sotnikova. Her spark was largely imagined. She never had it, and I expect her to amount to Russia's answer to Miki Ando without the jumps. I put her in the category of Gracie Gold. Were the Olympics not in Sochi, she would have been dropped faster than Masha Butyrskaya was in 1994.