Monday, September 3, 2012

This and That

Satoko Miyahara's winning free skate.

Courtney Hicks and her dangling free leg were second.

Apologies for the lack of updates, I was in Philly for the weekend not eating cheesesteaks. While I was away...

Courtney McCool and her fiance joined the coaching staff at CGA. It was obvious that MLT was obsessed with McCool when she posted one of her toe point drills on her youtube channel. MLT is OCD but her gymnasts look very generic and very Midwestern. They are in desperate need of style now that Sierra and Alyssa aren't bringing it on from previous gyms. McCool dabbled in coaching her junior year of college when she was injured. With McCool's years of Armine's undoubted attention and own OCD, this could be just what MLT needs to make it to the next level and have World Team Members again. Frankly, Lexie and Amelia could really use McCool's expertise. Brianna Brown made it out of Capital without extension, so there may be a lack of hope in that particular case.

The roster for Finlandia has been released. It looks to be amazing with Johnny Weir's comeback debut, Virtue and Moir, Hubbell and Donohue, Javier Fernandez, Adrian Schultheiss, Kiira Kopri, Julia Lipnitskaya, Ricky Dornbush and Misha Ge.

Chen Yibing announced he plans to continue competing at least one more year. This is not unusual, as most Chinese gymnasts stick around a year after the Olympics to compete at the National Games. Success at Worlds during a Post Olympic year is never a sure thing for them, as they really consider the National Games to be far more important.

The first U.S. International Figure Skating Classic takes place this week in Salt Lake City. Gracie Gold, Ross Miner, Lynn and Logan, and Agnes Zawadzki will all be attempting to rack up some points to help their start order in international competitions, get some exposure and generate a little buzz.

Rockne Brubaker will sit this season out. The official reason is that neither Amanda or Rockne can relocate. You think they would've thought that through before the initial tryout.

Sarah Hughes pulled out of the Japan Open officially. There had been rumors at rinks in the area that she wasn't going to compete. Kimmie Meissner's career is continuing to rebuild and she will be replacing her.

Kiri Baga.

Angela Wang's bronze-medal-winning skate.


  1. I recently saw Kimmie at a show, and while speed and power were there in spades, she only managed a double axel. How many triples will she need in a competition like the Japan Open?

  2. I'm now glued to watching for Courtney's dangling free leg. Thanks a lot!!

    I can't wait for Finlandia. Johnny's return, Schulteiss's voidy programs, music confirmation for V/M!! So excited to see the season pick up steam.

    Loving the JGP!! Particularly the dance events. I'm loving the number of WISA teams that are on it this season. I would love to see one or more with a podium finish, but most of them are young.

  3. I wonder if Sarah couldn't get her jumps back because her technique is so bad

  4. courteny had a nickname at our house....she was called "no neck"

  5. McCool was an all-time favorite of mine whether she had a neck or not. Just fuckin' beautiful.

  6. Wow I really like Satoko Miyahara. She remind me of Michelle in a lot of ways. Even her outfit kind of reminds me of Michelle when she was 14. I do think overall Michelle had better tech on her jumps but that's just me.

  7. Courtney has some nice high jumps but now that she's older and a little bigger she looks a little awkward to me. I think she should change her hair and maybe do something like Alissa who puts a twist on her buns sometimes.

  8. Love me some Courtney! One of the best dancers in US gymnastics.