Saturday, September 8, 2012

Favorite Things


A great moment by Michelle Kwan and Dick Button. Notice how he even rolls his 'r' when announcing her music.

He just continues to improve and impress as a professional.

This never. ever. gets old.

And neither does this hot mess.

Or this.

...or this.

If you are afraid of the wolf, don't go into the forest.

She could've retired right then and there and been remembered as being oh so fabulous and not an old whore who stayed far past her sell-by date.


  1. Michelle Kwan never fails to give me nostalgia for spiral sequences. I miss when those still counted for something. sigh.

  2. One of Michelle's best short programs ever.

  3. Actually Michelle's short is one the best short programs period.

  4. Michelle's short and long at the 96 Worlds are just amazing. I so miss the days of pure skating.