Friday, February 8, 2013

Live Blog: Alabama at Florida

The event hasn't started yet. There isn't a blizzard in Florida. No one had to leave their job early today. Get the show on the road. These commentators make me question whether I have a brain left in my head.

I for one am worried that the Gators went 197.575 with a few of the POS gymnasts in the lineup, as they have had issues peaking in February far too many times in the past.

The SEC is great..blah blah blah...Go SEC.  Buy Danna a wardrobe at least at the Target level.

I took a nap and am feeling crabby. It is mid season. I better not see any gunts tonight.

I always love to see gymnasts running, especially when certain girls in the floor lineup have obvious endurance issues. I hope that they are always running. I hope that they are running to class, studying on the elliptical and doing bikram yoga to destress.

Some of the Gators could bounce up and down more. I want them sweating. Calories burning.

I live for their dance moves when introduced. Marissa King is obviously the most badass member of the team and we love her for it. She is British and allowed to be a fierce bitch.

Does anyone else dread a poorly-sung anthem at local sporting events? Call me a bad American, but I'd rather they simply play Whitney over the sound system.

I live for the sign language in the dark. The deaf people can't see you. Get a spotlight.

It is supposed to be a better lineup, but there are less POS than last week.

Wang on bars...we better pray that is an exhibition. Otherwise, there will be no fears of peaking too soon.

Rhonda is clearly placating Macko and allowing her to do AA in a big meet. They have to make sure she doesn't get injured, so we don't see this very often. The Gators CANNOT lose her on bars or beam for the sake of doing an average Yurchenko full. It appears that Alaina is still be rested on the leg events.

There will be a lot of exhibitionists tonight...I didn't think that was kosher in the Christian south.

Please applaud Macko for being in better shape than she EVER has been...and that includes her time on the National Team.

Wang-VT-FTY with a small hop back.  9.800 (not an A-lineup girl.) Much improved over last season.

Ashley Sledge- 2 weeks without a stuck double layout. I usually live for her. Not on her A game. Lil short on bail and small foot sep on geinger.

Macko-FTY with a small hop back. About as good as she can do the vault.

Alexin-UB-same wonky routine as always. Step on giant full+double tuck.

Sloan-VT-near stick with one baby step with her left foot. True layout position all the way to the ground. Love it. (9.900- fair score)

Jacobs-short handstands, why is she in the lineup? They will not threepeat with this quality in the lineup. Step forward on dismount.

King-VT-Tsuk 1.5 Near stick. Bringing it for Bama!  (9.900-fair)

Clark-, 1 short hs, bent arms interior,  full twisting double layout step

Ashanee- VT-FTY near stick, step on the right. Not as good as Sloan's, but a good vault.  (9.925- too high)

DeMeo-Missed routine, friend tried to log into my account and it kicked me out.

Hunter-Baller 1.5TY with a slight hop. Awesome vault.  (9.900-fair. WTF were they on for Ashanee?!)

Priess-Usual solid set with a small hop on her double layout with a pike down (typical CGA technique)

Randy-VT Ex-FTY, small hop, didn't get the same rise off the table as the other girls.

Bama bar exhibition- nothing special.

Florida: 49.475 VT  (A-)
Alabama: 49.175 (B-)

I cannot handle the lame music being played in between events. It is 2013.  "I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck." Being Southern is not an excuse for this crap.

The Gym Dogs are nailing their vaults this week. I cannot handle two meets at once tonight. There are actually two good teams in Gainesville, so I can't switch back and forth during the lower-ranked teams.

I appreciate the improvement of Florida on bars. The finesse and skill events have held them back in the past. The gymnasts actually need waist lines and visible toe point to make the lineup this season. It appears to be helping the scores. Unfortunately, we won't see Bridgey or Alaina tonight. If the stars align, those are two potential 9.900s for the post season. We will have to see Ashanee's flexed feet and bent arms again. We can only hope they will be healthy for the post season, because a 9.750 in the post season kills.

Clark-VT-Big FYT, step on the landing. 9.850

Ashanee-UB-Nailed it as best she can. Slight bent arms on the hindorff, stuck double layout with legs a bit apart. I struggle with how they score her during the regular season.   (9.875- I would be the 9.850)

Jacobs-VT- Low FTY, straight body (she is tiny) and a step.

Bianca 17 names- UB- One short handstands (.05). I live for the Canadians always doing 12,000 step downs on the low bar, as though it is some sort of compulsive tick.  9.900

Sledge VT- FTY, short (didn't show it)  Not herself tonight.

King-Nailed interior, slight hop back on the double layout. I would like her bail a little cleaned up. She sometimes twists her hips on the catch.

Williams-1.5TY, lowish landing and a step back. Near stick. Lacking the explosive amplitude she used to have.

Hunter-UB- Falls on the Hindorff. Rare to see. Macko could win AA tonight and we know she loves to win. This is a good test for the other gymnasts to come back from a fall mid lineup against a worthy opponent. Small hop on the full out dismount. At least they are not peaking too early. Phew.

Gutierrez-VT-FTY. NAILED IT.  Great vault. 9.950- deserved.

Sloan-UB- Straddling the toe on-toe hecht has been key. NAILED it again. Handstands up. As good as she can do. We just need to see her bring it on floor.  (9.950)

Milliner-VT-BIG 1.5TY. Has the height Williams doesn't. Big step forward...out of control a tad.

Macko-NAILED it. I suspect she is secretly excited that Hunter fell and Sloan blows on floor. Just a vibe I get. The girl is in it to win it and I live for it. (9.950)

FTY vault exhibition for Bama...who cares.

Wang- Solid bar exhibition. Not the same quality as the other girls, but so improved. I would say she is the stronger sophomore compared to Spicer, which was not the case a year ago.

These Gators seem to have it together mentally tonight. I like to see teams fight back from a fall. It is very important for them to have experience doing this now.

Florida: 49.575 UB (A)
Alabama: 49.325 VT (B)

I have to say that Alabama is weaker than expected compared to years past. They aren't always peaked in February (especially the last few years, things were different a decade ago....far less pacing anywhere), but the quality of the routines just isn't there like it needs to be. Frankly, Georgia has more quality routines in many places.

These commentators need to realize that we can hear them when they are counting down when coming back from breaks.

A commenter just posted that Macko is only doing a floor exhibition. I must have missed it when my brain was yearning for oxygen listening to these girls yap.

Randy Stageberg-BB- Hits Aerial+BHS, F Turn, BHS+LOSP+Stuck Full. Solid start.  (9.875)

Sarah DeMeo-FX- Double Pike (slight bounce back, solid), 1 1/2+Front Layout (Solid). The girl is capable of such a better routine. Don't let Dana choreograph. I've said it for fifteen years. She is too stereotypically Southern for her own good. 2 1/2 twist dismount. (Small step). Solid start. (9.825)

Spicer-BB- This means we won't see Alaina. Small wobble on the series. Commentators saying nice to see her. I'm bummed not to see Alaina. The commentators are bullshitting that this is an opportunity and Rhonda believes in her. I'll tell you the truth- her ass is gone the second Alaina is back.  Stuck gainer full dismount. Much better routine that usual this season, but lacks the mmmph 

Sledge-FX-Front through to Double Pike. Living for the Beyonce music. Do the walk! Cmon. FHS+Front Layout+Front Layout (Very 2002, at least do the front full+front layout- UGA the Suzanne years.) Double Pike- bounce back. I love her and wish we could fix her floor routine. Dana is worthless. Nice lady. Worthless choreographer.

Sloan-BB-Perfect routine minus a step on the landing. I want to see her chin up and see her own it like Cory Fritzinger or any of the GymDogs during the end of the Yoculan era, when they OWNED the beam.  (9.900)

Clark-FX- Double Layout, I am blinded by her tan. Punch Front Full+Front Layout. Bama much stronger on floor than they are on bars. Double Tuck.  Solid routine. Strong. 

Hunter-BB-I live for her chest up, rock solid punch front mount. She needs to play Commander as her beam music. Cat leap+switch side. A fall on choreography. Kytra is not with it today. Frankly, it is shocking. She has been a bit beat up this season, but this is simply unlike her. Nails the double back. Kytra is likely eager to fight back, but I would pull her off of floor tonight and rest her. She just doesn't seem on. Perhaps she is coming down with a cold? She looks off.

Gutierrez- Double Layout, Abysmal choreography. Pretty girl. FHS+Front Full+Front Layout, Just no to the dance. Double Pike. Solid.  Alabama looks NCAA Champion-worthy on floor. Their endurance is far better than it was against LSU.

Macko-BHS+Loso, Aerial+Back swingdown, Love to see her mental toughness after Hunter fell. F Turn. She and Sloan have come so far from their elite days on beam. Switch leap+split jump. Stuck double full.  Nailed it!  Love her on beam this year. Love Love Love.

Jacobs-Pike full in. Step back. I cannot handle this level of perkiness. There is medication for this sort of thing.  Low double pike, solid landing. This routine is killing me. I cannot. Back 1 1/2+Front Full.  Solid routine, will score well. Lame choreography and music.

Ashanee- she anchors because she is emotionless and steady as a rock. 1 arm bhs+layout stepout. Switch leap+pike jump+beat jump. F Turn. The commentators used beautiful toe point to describe her. Oh, that SEC edumacation.  Stuck double back dismount...always a little off balance, as is her trademark, but nailed it. Strong strong routine.  

I wish we saw Marissa instead of Spicer, but oh well. Bianca should be in on beam soon and she is gorgeous. Let's all pray Alaina's back feels better soon.

Miller-FX-Double Arabian (OOB), FHS+Front Layout+Front Full, Her hair is my favorite aspect of her gymnastics. Double Pike. Strong routine.

I don't care if we have to see Priess do a shitty double tuck with flexed feet and legs apart, I would rather see her than anyone else.

King-BB Ex-Front Aerial to 2 ft. It looks like her British coaches eff-ed up the technique she got so solidly last season. Stuck Double full. May need to arrange the skills a bit, but she is back to herself more or less on beam. Lacks the confidence she had last year where we knew she would nail.

Parker-FX Ex- Double Arabian (OOB), Full In (Step back), Good to see her in the lineup, as we never got to see her last season. The level of perkiness is offensive, but not as atrocious as during Kim Jacosbs' routine. Double Pike-stuck.

Florida: 49.400 BB (A/ is beam and they handled the fall very well)
Alabama: 49.325 FX (A-/B +)

Florida heads to floor, which is usually a great event for the team. It hasn't been as much of an ace event due to Sloan's issues, Alaina's back, etc, but they have handled the event decently well this season. It isn't the 49.600-event that the coaches are hoping for, but they may be happy in April that it isn't, as their big meets against Alabama are always in February and they peak too early. In the future, they need to put the tougher meets at the end of the regular season, even if it means risking a loss on senior night.

Wang is going for a double layout on floor tonight. 

Back-to-back falls from Georgia on beam (Rogers and Worley).

8,074 crowd for Florida.  That is a strong crowd for Florida. They are getting it together with attendance. 

Williams-BB-Big switch side. Punch Front+Beat Jump, BHS+Loso, Small wobble on split full. She is looking slimmer and fitter than she has in a long time. 1.5 twist dismount with a small step forward. (Girls like Kayla and Megan Dowlen cannot do double fulls when they have to worry about getting the twins around.)

Randy-FX-Opens with a double tuck (watering down), Whip+Double Full, Double Pike-step back. Solid routine, not great. Solid effort. Not her best. The landings were just okay.

Milliner-BB- Aerial+beat jump, F Turn, BHS+Loso, Double Full with a tiny open. Strong routine.

Wang-FX- Double Layout with a Moceanu leg wrap. Signature Jeremy posing and pointing choreography, Front Layout+Front Layout, Jeremy ass roll choreography, Double Pike. Strong set. Such an improvement this season. Earned her spot in the lineup with that performance. Not just a replacement athlete anymore.

Clark-BB-Wobbly BHS+Loso, the commentators said her career high is a 9.800. That means she is a POS on this event given the scoring we see at home. Front aerial to two feet. Big 1.5TY with a step forward. Bama really trains and conditions the legs and glutes to get that power and the stuck landings. Those girls aren't tiny, but they have big skills and can usually stick.

Sloan-FX- She spends a lot of time on floor. If she had more dance, we might see the double pike last pass, Stuck Front Double Full, Double Pike, 1 1/2+Front layout. She needs to reorder the second and third passes if she wants a 9.900 in the post season. Looks like she will be SEC Gymnast of the Week again.  9.925

DeMeo-BB-McCool mount, wobble on aerial, BHS+Layout, Switch+Split, lover her aggression, Double Pike-tony hop. God Bless GAGE. Love me some her.

Ashanee-FX-Double Arabian-stuck, Front through to Double Tuck, Double Pike.  Nailed that shit. Chanting for a 10. It is a dual meet...but spare me.  9.975 (phew)

Priess-Aerial+Back swingdown, L turn, Switch+Gainer Full with a tiny step back. I want her to put in the full twisting pussy smasher, because she is only getting scores based on her pointed tames and name. There is nothing in the routine.  9.825

King-FX-Double Layout-you go girl (small step), I love how we can tell the Brits have actual social lives based on her demeanor in competition, Front Layout+Front Full, She is the greatest gymnast tweeter ever, Double Pike-small hop. Great job. Upgraded from the double arabian. She has to do the double layout at Nationals. Girl is such a stud.

Jacobs-BB- BHS+Loso+Loso, this is her best event. F Turn, side aerial to 2 ft, 1 1/2 (small hop)  Hit set. Good job.

Hunter-FX-Double Layout, She has been looking like Michelle of Destiny's Child in terms of fierceness on bars and beam tonight, but she is rocking this. Nailed her second pass that I'm too lazy to type out. Double Tuck (solid). Comes back after two falls. Hit set. The girl is made of win.  9.950

Gutierrez-BB Ex-Switch leap+straddle 1/4, The commentators are pretending that they aren't sure if Bama came back enough to win. Girl, please. No.  They did not. 'Coach Patterson should be pleased.' Again, no. There will be an ass kicking to get them up to par on the first two events after two losses on the road in the SEC.

Macko-FX Ex-F D Full, FHS+FFull+Front Pike, 2 1/2 twist. They aren't letting her risk her ankles on a double pike. Strong set. Great night for Macko.

UF: 49.650 FX (A)
UA: 49.025 BB (C)

UF: 198.100 (The scoring wasn't that bad. They were strong tonight. Definitely worthy of 197.75ish)
UA: 196.850

Amazing night for Florida again and frankly, we didn't even see them at their best. For Alabama, they are improving and we know they are capable of more. They will be stronger in a month or so, but it is unclear if they can pull off a threepeat without some help in finals.

Florida heads to Georgia next. They need to back up this score on the road, but they did perform better than they did last week where they scored a 197.575 on the road.

Update: Bridgey was out with the flu all week. Kytra had the stomach flu all week, which is why she was a bit off.   Bianca will likely not do beam until next year, due to coming back from a stress reaction in her leg. Alaina is expected to be back competing for senior night. These setbacks may help them from peaking too early, as their top girls are not all in at the same time, rocking the 9.950 routines. The adversity could be a blessing.


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