Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Simply the best!


  1. I read somewhere that someone in the top brass at ABC before it was taken over by Disney was a fan of figure skating - ergo back in the day we had Dick Button.

    What someone who actually likes skating realizes is that someone with a CRITICAL eye and not afraid to express that actually helps make it more compelling and interesting than a mere cheerleader.

    But now we have Scott Hamilton. I have no doubt he loves skating (especially of the more 'athletic' style from his own days as a skater), but there's an air of desperation to his relentless enthusiasm and after awhile a creeping feeling like he's essentially a shill for the USFA and holding back on his own viewpoints. Button seemed much more his own man.

  2. What, no Janet Lynn?

  3. It doesn't make a rusty hoot!