Friday, April 2, 2010

Lori Nichol Moment of Boredom

After Michelle Kwan tossed Lori aside, it was clear that the choreographer lost the will to live or be interesting.

According to Margaret Thatcher, this program is the epitome of Lori's lobotomy.

"Lori had her dressed in a wedding dress, put her hair up and had her praying for those cheated triples."~Margaret Thatcher

This is why there is an issue with going by per-country rules instead of ISU rankings. Canada got to send their army of Karen Prestons to Worlds and the Olympics, while skaters like Angela Nikodinov, AP McDonough and Jenny Kirk sat home.

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  1. jennifer robinson is quite simply one of the worst skaters the world has ever seen. I was thrilled when she finally retired. Like an old horse she was put out to pasture, and we were spared watching the abortions she put out on the ice.