Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exceptional Gay Moment/Michelle Kwan Moment

It may appear that every Michelle Kwan Moment is truly an Exceptional Gay Moment. One reader even suggested to me that statues of Michelle be erected in the gay section of every major city. I certainly approve.

Going into the 2005 Nationals, I was rather concerned about Michelle's Bolero program. I was not a fan, but this Spartacus program won over my heart yet again. The music, the gorgeous Vera Wang costume, the Rafael jumps and the Morozov choreography. Nikolai really knows how to bring out the best in Michelle and Sasha. He knew that Michelle was worth ruining his relationship with Tarasova for.

Michelle's choreography may not have been as nuanced post 2002, but it was more powerful. Every gesture was just worth MORE. When Michelle moved her arm, 30,000 people could feel the intensity and deliberate nature of the movement. It was exactly the precise arm position to suit the moment. From the exit to the combination spin to the spiral sequence, this program draws you and and builds to a crescendo during the circular footwork sequence where your old gay heart is crying out MORE MICHELLE, REACH (and she does!). Watching this program is akin to watching your inner Kwan fandom manifest itself on the ice. Peggy's "wonderful steps" comes at the perfect moment in the music. Ending with the layback and wiping her arm across her face= genius. She OWNS Adagio from Spartacus and owns this ice.

Even the Brits, who were not expecting much out of Michelle at the 2005 Worlds, were won over by her performance and felt she deserved to win the short program.

Embedding is disabled, so watch British Eurosport fall in love with her all over again. Michelle's hip was hanging on by a thread, but she still gave a defining performance. The Europeans LOVED that this system was supposed to work against her (because they had a faint hope that they'd still be relevant), but even an old cranky bitch like Ioana was left saying, "Well, well, obviously she is very good." (Pretty much her reaction every time she watches a Kwan program. Margaret Thatcher also likes to rip on MK because of an overly-obsessed ex, but he raves about her upon actually watching a program.)

Michelle Kwan: Never A Past Number!


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