Sunday, April 18, 2010

Judge Me

I don't hate Lulu's Black Magic Woman like everyone else. Intellectually, I *get* what Bezic was trying to do. When I interviewed Sandra, she told me that one aspect of choreographing for *her* skaters was getting them to explore an area of their personality that they hadn't on the ice. Ms. Bezic is very against skaters becoming one notes.

Lulu got a little sexy during Adios Nonino and was quite feminine in her Bezic programs, but Lulu is gorgeous and needed to branch out. This program was shocking to many and widely hated. Honestly, Lulu's deterioration as a skater due to her foot injury is way more shocking that any sexual Sandra Bezic number. The former World Champion couldn't rotate a triple to save her life, so they needed to attempt to morph her into a professional ice diva in other ways. This woman is a genius who knew that Paul Martini would look like a complete DILF in a pair of tight jeans. She brings out the lust in each of us.

Miss Val once said that choreography is all about capturing someone's attention long enough to make an impression (good or bad). This is not my favorite Lu Chen program by any means, but I certainly remember it, the vibe and the almost relaxed movement that Lulu has going on with her shoulders and hips. The girl sets a mood. Unfortunately, the SOI cast was huge and she didn't get to shine as a professional. Bezic did really want to capture Lulu's naughty side when you look back and think 'Take Five', 'Black Magic Woman,' and 'Jammin' with Steven Cousins.

As a program, this program is understood much better after spending time in Ithaca and indulging in some wonderful natural Canadian herbs. As always, it probably looked like heaven on Ms. Bezic.

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