Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two More Reasons To Rehire Sandra Bezic

Remember when Stars On Ice used to be a big deal? They had STARS, innovative music, original choreography and was just impeccably polished. They used to actually rehearse the tour and go to real arenas. Packing MSG back in the day? And let's be frank, 99-00 had the best costumes ever. I miss REAL group numbers.

Sandra may sound like an arrogant bitch on TV, but she certainly has a reason to!

What A Wonderful World is made of absolute total win. The music (Who is singing? I live for it) really works and the number builds while still having so many 'moments.' I believe my favorite is when Kristi Yamaguchi skates out as though she is saying, "Look at me, I am the mother fucking QUEEN." It was nice of them to let Scott skate last when we all know that Kurt was the real male lead of that show.

Imagine Marlie, Belgosto, Buttle and Cohen with Bezic choreography? What A Wonderful World.

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