Friday, October 1, 2010

This and That

It would take an atomic bomb to keep Team Japan from winning the Japan Open tomorrow. Even then, they might be bionic given their lack of competition. We all eagerly await to start of Mao's new season, but we are all secretly more excited about Michelle Kwan performing again (and seeing Jeff Buttle.)

TV schedule (taped broadcast)
TV Tokyo
Japan Open: 19:00 - 20:54 (Oct 2nd, 2010 JST)
Carnival on Ice: 16:00 - 17:15 (Oct 3rd, 2010 JST)
BS Japan
Japan Open: 21:00 - 23:00 (Oct 9th, 2010 JST)

Live Stream

For anyone who won't get up at 6 am ET, I'll post videos when available.

Adelina Sotnikova won the latest JGP but she also earned two edge calls and an underrotation. This is rather glaring from a girl who many have already declared the next Olympic Champion. Yasmin Siraj finished second without any underrotations or edge calls. Kristiene Gong was third in the free but finished fourth overall behind Yuki Nishino.

In a giant case of "I told you so," many argued with me when I declared that the reigning world champ (who is not known for having the greatest work ethic) would likely not make the world team. Martha Karolyi told IG that she is in an almost impossible situation. It sounds like a big giant "no" that she will defend her World Title (not that she could pull off another win if her body was 200% healthy.) As it looks, she will not make the Olympic Team. She is someone who needs to think about going out on top and enjoying her last year of high school.

Short Programs vids from JGP UK are being posted:
Kristiene Gong
Yuki Nishino

Joshua Farris leads the men at the JGP.

Brian Joubert gave an interview about the new skating season and mistakes in his past.

Lifeskate posted an interview with Hooker Nails (from March) and the video includes her last known exhibition. Given that she didn't watch the Olympic skating competition, it is hardly a shock that she is no longer competing.


  1. I first saw Angela when she skated at nationals in 2007. Shames she was unable to live up to the potential I saw there.

  2. I still think Sloan is as potentially useful as anyone else on bars (where we stink) and floor (Sloan is a good tumbler). Marta's comment was made AT Nationals when Sloan was injured. Everyone deserves a chance when healthy, and maybe Sloan still isn't.

    I'm not a huge Sloan fan, have heard about her questionable work ethic, and realize her major titles have been a result of Bross falling rather than because of her own merit, but there's no denying that she's an overall solid gymnast when healthy. No sense writing ANYONE off at this point. After all, Sloan looked like she had no chance at the '08 Olympics until the last second.

  3. lol... Not only did Angela Maxwell not watch the Olympic skating competition, it seemed like she didn't even KNOW what happened and if the woman had asked her to name some of the skaters there, she wouldn't have been able to do it. hahaha. I know Angela didn't compete much beyond the Jr Grand Prix, but it's kind of funny that she seems so out of it.

  4. Angela was a gymnast first, you can tell by the way she throws backflips in that video instead of jumping. Then she had bad injuries, a million coaching problems. Not surprised to not see her, but it's talent wasted, sure. She might have been able to medal at Nationals one day.

  5. Sotnikova has good spring to her jumps, so the UR on the 3-3 isn't that big of a concern. She'll need time to fix the edge problem like Rochette did!

  6. Actually, most expected Sloan to make the Olympics all year long. It was evident that Martha wanted her and anyone with a clue knew they'd do anything possible to leave Jana Bieger at home.

  7. Sloan's been lucky to get this far. She's a decent gymnast, yes, but has to be one of the least impressive world AA champions ever- no mean feat when recent winners include Memmel and Ferrari. If she carries on, at some point soon she'll get found out. Maybe it would make sense for her to be the US's first ever world AA medallist to do NCAA. Perhaps away to Auburn or whatever might feel like a bit too much of a step down for someone who's been world champion, but it may be Bridget's best option.