Saturday, October 2, 2010

All That Skate LA Vids

Winter Song:

Let The Good Times Roll

Patrick Chan Takes Five:

If It Kills Me:

Poker Face:

A Standing O For Turandot:

Voir's Short Dance:


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Voir: I Want To Hold Your Hand
Meditation From Thais


  1. Very good show! Yu-Na's people do a great job putting it together.

  2. winter song might be one of the best performance by Michelle yet. Wow. Never have i seen anyone skate with such joy and heart. Pity the home crowd could not top the korean welcome though.

  3. YAY for Michelle Kwan! She still looks FANTASTIC! Can she be competitive again?

  4. Michelleeeeeee was a joy to watch. Too bad her serious injury hampered her '06 run... It could have been amazing! Great to see her back on the ice.

    Johnny trains all the other jumps, why just 3Ts always?

  5. Michelle Kwan looked so happy on the ice. It was just touching!

    Shen and Zhao are incredible. They brought back great memories of their '03 long program and their '10 short with these two exhibition programs. Loved it!

  6. Virtue and God what an incredible pairing that is! I find them both to be so hauntingly beautiful. Their I Wanna Hold Your Hand program made me cry, it was amazing.

  7. Both Yuna and Michelle are just beautiful. I looooove their number 'Hero'. Great show!

  8. I watched Yuna's "Meditation From Thais" and I was surprised at how much better her arabesque spiral has gotten!

  9. Me too!

    As a whole, this show was amazing and really well done. It takes a lot for a show to impress me, but this one did. I enjoyed everyone, especially Michelle and Shen/Zhao, who just beamed through their performances!

  10. Argh! The videos are blocked in my country!

  11. Stephane was GORGEOUS! WOW!

  12. NBC BETTER use Dick Button for this. I SWEAR. I want to hear his joygasms.

  13. What a shame the Michelle/Yuna duet was such a letdown. How did Wilson manage to make these two great skaters look so bland?

    Hard to believe how much better the Alissa/Sahsa duet from last season was.

  14. The Michelle/Yuna duet was a cheesefest. Horrible song, horrible choreography, just lame.

    I see Tanith is a Target shopper. My daughter has the exact same backpack, lol.

    Johnny's filled out a bit to put it kindly. I like the old costume better, it was much cooler.

  15. Shall i say what nobody mentioned? Miss Johnny is looking out of shape and out of passion. Missing revolution of the triple toe (that used to be a awesome lutz that fit that music much better) and a lot of missing chreo.

  16. Johnny was skating with a hip injury, if you saw the videos of him skating in China a few weeks ago all his jumps and choreography were on.

  17. I couldn't tell if the audience even like Johnny. The applause for him seem quiet. Maybe it was louder at the arena.

    Love Michelle's Winter Song program.

  18. LOL! Johnny got huge crowd reaction, some of the loudest. Also, Johnny and Yuna were the two skaters with lots of fans holding signs and banners (from what I could see where I was sitting).

    It was a truly great show.

  19. Fudge: Michelle is invoking Winter in LA with Korean commentary. Om, yikes?

  20. Korean-Chinese pair: lovely, but scarrrrrry.

  21. Johnny has gotten fat. I won't skate (ha) around it the way that the others have. Maybe if he spent less time trying on tacky overpriced shoes with Tuna and paid a little more attention to the sport that makes him his money, he would do better. I doubt that he has a hip injury. That is, unless hip injury is Dinglespeak for can't be bothered to do the hard work like the other skaters do because I am johnny weir and am too fabulous for words. Guess the beauty bears couldn't do anything to pare down those hips. Maybe did they try to attack his ass with bronzer, too, to slim em down a bit?

  22. Where are Yuna's absolutely beautiful 'Meditation on Thais' and gorgeous 'Bulletproof'? AJ, You missed the highlights of the ATS show! I just watched them in Youtube, Yuna is ever improving, and her beauty on the ice is beyond description.
    God bless Yuna now & 4ever.

  23. Satya Kulkowitz=Blast Off Productions NYC=boyfriend (pimp?) Frank Hendler (and Donovan)="Country Comfort"=HARDCORE ADULT PORNO FLICK=WTF are you thinking hooking Johnny Weir up with a piece of trash like that, TARA?????

    Are you and Chris Benz purposefully trying to fuck up Johnny's life?????