Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moment of Grand Delusion

Today's moment of delusion is brought to you by Mary 'Hold that edge and be sexy' Scotvold and Nancy 'She's just gonna get out there and cry again' Kerrigan.

I've always adored watching sarcastic, brutally honest Nancy interact with the chain-smoking, scotch-drinking Scotvolds. In addition to "I want to die," at the 1993 Worlds, Nancy provided us with so many gems. Remember that Evy openly said "Nancy can be a real bitch," in Christine Brennan's "Inside Edge."

Their love/hate relationship was beyond entertaining, as Evy really is a brilliant technical coach. Mary, on the other hand, gave each skater the same program year after year. In Nancy's case, she hated classical music and often had cheesey muzak composed for her by Mary's brother in law.

Nancy's Kiss and Cry after the 1994 Olympic long program was charming because Evy and Nancy openly mock her hot mess of a camel spin that she almost fell on during the program. Nancy lost her edge temporarily and her leg dipped. I've always loved her honesty about that, as it is something that I would do (I'm never good at masking disappointment when I make mistakes performing or competing).

Alex Forrest alerted me that I've been missing a fabulously delusional exchange between Mary and Nancy all of these years. After Nancy's technical merit marks are posted, Mary illustrates exactly how delusional she was about her own choreography and the artistic impression of her skaters.

Mary: Do you think you'll get a six?
Nancy: I dunno.
Mary: I hope. I hope so.
Nancy: Yea man.
(Marks come up.)
Nancy (rolling her eyes): Nope. Never!

I die.

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